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Between 2003 and 2007 I was studying Economy at Berkeley University.

Since 2014 I've been investing in the forex market. It takes me about 2-4 hours daily. I have a lot of experience and I want to share my knowledge.


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What Do You Prefer Stock Or Forex Market ?
Do you prefer to trade stock market? Or do you prefer to trade Forex market? What is your preference? If you consider the popularity the Forex market has the higher popularity than the stock market moreover, the newcomers are increasing in the Forex market due to its popularity and advantages.
Three Most Common Mistake Sin Price Action Trading
Mistakes are very normal in the life of professional forex trader. But you need to learn from your mistakes and improve your trading system continuously. When you use the price action trading strategy make sure that you trade the higher time frame.
Learn The Art Of Forex Demo Accounts Trading
The main reason for trading demo account is to learn the forex market thoroughly if the naïve trader trades demo accounts he or she will get the market exposure and will understand the market movements better.
Oil Edges Higher As OPEC Files Nine-month Extension
The oil investors are now little bit eased as OPEC has extended the current production cap program for another nine months. However, an active participation from the U.S government and Iraq is required to maintain the stability in the energy field.
Misguiding Facts About The Forex Market
You need to research the Forex market before you enter it, you need to learn the marker. If you do not have the knowledge on avoiding the misguiding facts it must be quite difficult for you to trade the Forex market.
Advanced Risk Management Factors In Forex Trading
Risk management factor is often considered to be the most important element in the forex trading industry. If you look at the professional trader then you will see that every single one of them is trading the market with proper risk management factors.
How Long Do I Need To Practice In Demo Account In Forex?
You need to practice in a demo account before you establish a solid rule like this. If you make only a few bucks and become happy, forex trading is not for you. Until you have established your own winning strategy, do not trade with real account and real money.
What To Look For In A Trading Platform
The trading platform should be the last concern of a trader. In the end, it is impossible not to find a solution that fits both the knowledge and the needs of a trader.
Things That You Should Consider Before Executing The Trade
There are many things that you need to care when you execute any trades in the market in order to make a profit. But if you look at the professional traders then you will notice that the above-mentioned tips are the most followed methods before executing the trades in the market.
How To Exit The Trade Like The Pro Traders
You should understand that exiting from trade is harder than the entry, so as traders you should give enough attention to the exiting strategies. By learning important trade exiting methods the traders tend to learn to hold them self-steady in the Forex market.
Dollar Tumbles On The Ground Prior To Low Volatile Trading Session
The year 2016 is near at its end and all the leading investors are waiting to start their new trading year with a fresh mentality so it's highly recommended that you take a break along with professional trader for this year.
Dollar Rally Is At Risk As Consumers Doubt Mr. Trump’s Statement
Most of the professional traders are currently staying the sideline as the market has ceased its volatility and trading the financial assets will not be profitable in the next few days of this year.
Effect Of Pending Interest Rate Hike Decision By The FED. Mixed Sentiment In The Global Market.
Considering all the facts the overall bias remains strongly positive for the green bucks. Upon the rate hike in the month of December, the green bucks are going to dominate the all the major currency pairs in the forex market for a prolonged period of time.
Elliott Waves Generalities
Elliott Waves theory is one of the most popular trading theories out there and traders are still being fascinated about its power. This trading theory allows for nice setups to be traded as it gives a trader both the entry as well as the exit levels.
Descifering ECB Messages When Trading Euro
ECB like any other central bank uses a specific language to communicate its decisions and future intentions to market participants. This is happening in order not to create violent moves on the financial markets and traders look for what ECB is saying and how it is communicating its messages
The Unemployment Rate Fell In Japan In August
It can be concluded that in August the global stocks market was optimistic. All stocks recorded in green. Investors invest more in stocks than in forex market and commodity markets like gold oil and silver. The stock's growth rate on a daily basis was in the range 0.50-1.00%.
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