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Regulation And Goverment Re Cryptocurrencies
Dick Kaplan 1/16/2018 12:41:37 PM

Enjoyed listening to this Cory Fleck. You make a great point about #bitcoin being the only #cryptocurrency that is decentralized. However, you got me thinking. You mentioned how that all other currencies have a creator who can dictate the direction of that currency. But bitcoin does not since #SatoshiNakamoto disappeared.

So what WOULD happen if this mysterious creator returned? Couldn't that happen at any time?

Investors Are Buying Power Stations In Russia To Mine Cryptocurrency
Michele Grant 1/16/2018 12:23:21 PM

This #CryptoCurrency craze is getting ridiculous!

Bitcoin Regulation And Forks Upcoming
Gerard Paul Dacanay 1/3/2018 12:19:15 AM

My concern is how the government regulations can scrutinize the idea of bitcoin technology for normal citizens that just want a peer to peer transaction without having to go centralized through banks paying them large amounts of fees by controlling your own funds. We are now at a new stage of generation, more and more people would like a chance for changes in our systems these days. Taxes and other majority expenses are surging for most of us especially with the population getting larger. In my view, #cryptocurrency technology would be an ideal thing for now till the future, having control of your funds of savings that benefits your own interest not being centralized by institutional governments.

Higher Wages: Good for You, Not Good for Stocks
Currency Trader 11/28/2017 5:52:54 PM

"I don’t expect that #cryptocurrency in any of its current forms will survive because they don’t offer anything particularly useful compared to traditional money."

Michael Ashton, great article and I agree with everything you said, though you forgot one point with your quote above. #Cryptocurrencies like #bitcoin do offer one extremely useful benefit over traditional money. It's untraceable. Criminals and those who wish to hide their activities will pump millions into crypto currencies for this very reason alone. $BITCOMP

The Needed Acception Of Cryptocurrency Today
Barry Hochhauser 11/30/2016 1:47:49 AM

I'd have to agree with you Alexander Hamilton. Though I often wonder if sites like $AMZN or $AAPL have their own plans for #cryptocurrency. Like with #ApplePay.

The Needed Acception Of Cryptocurrency Today
Alexander Hamilton 11/29/2016 1:56:46 AM

It's because #cryptocurrency is used by various nefarious organizations to launder money. From various Mafias to Dictators and dark web, all use it. $AMZN doesn't want to legitimize them!

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