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ECRI Says "Very Serious" Synchronized Global Downturn
Gary Anderson 7/9/2018 5:41:25 AM

Well, at least something is hurting growth. Has to be #Trump, and maybe just business cycle issues with the uber rich pulling in their cash, not willing to spend or invest.

"It's Time To Get Defensive": Morgan Stanley Downgrades Tech Stocks To Sell
Bruce Powers 7/9/2018 3:54:53 AM

Scary! You should add #Micron to the list. China just banned their chips in retaliation for #Trump's #tariffs. Half of $MU's sales are to China:

The Achilles Heel Of Trump's Tariffs
Dick Kaplan 7/2/2018 1:47:51 PM

History certainly does repeat itself. And those who can't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I wonder why #Trump is so convinced he'll be able to succeed where all others failed.

The Achilles Heel Of Trump's Tariffs
Alexis Renault 7/2/2018 1:42:26 PM

So what is the opposing argument? If #tariffs are so obviously bad, why are #Trump and his supporters pushing so hard for them?

What Is Trump Up To With All This Tariff Talk
Beating Buffett 6/29/2018 2:27:06 AM

Thomas Mitchell, that's just #Trump's style. He feels he can get a better deal by being a bully. And if he has the leverage, he is probably right. No one is going to give us a better deal because we're "nice."

That being said, there is much more to diplomacy than negotiating trade deals and Trump has to be careful that he is hurting our long term relationship with important allies like Canada.

What Is Trump Up To With All This Tariff Talk
James Grover 6/28/2018 1:46:16 PM

Good article. I have to admit, this is where #Trump excels. He has a knack for finding and exploiting weakness in others and using that to his own advantage. Whether you like Trump or not, I think it is worth letting this play out.

What Is Trump Up To With All This Tariff Talk
Leslie Miriam 6/28/2018 1:38:33 PM

Yes Angry Old Lady, likely as a way to compensate for #Trump's other insecurities such as his small hands ;-)

What Is Trump Up To With All This Tariff Talk
Angry Old Lady 6/28/2018 1:37:39 PM

I agree that it does seem to me that much of #Trump's motivations stem for his need to simply always come out on top.

North Korean Drama Over- CPI Meets Estimates
Ayelet Wolf 6/14/2018 12:23:03 PM

The Korean war started almost 70 years ago! I don't think you can use that as any sort of analogy here. Everything is different.

That being said, I agree that #Trump had nothing to do with Korea coming to the negotiating table. Years of crippling sanctions and their own failed nuclear experiments have forced them to give up and negotiate. The North Korean people are starving, and attaining nuclear capability has proven to be a pipe dream for them. Kim Jong Um is actually quite savvy to see the writing on the wall and to instead use nuclear abandonment as a negotiating tactic to end sanctions and improve the state of his country.

Whether he truly believes in peace is irrelevant. He's realized he needs to throw in the towel. Many a dictator failed to recognize this. And I for one am hopeful that North Korea will realize quite quickly that peace is far more lucrative than war.

Will Canadian Boycott Start With Kentucky Whiskey?
Barry Hochhauser 6/14/2018 12:06:19 PM

I agree Gary. I understand #Trump's concerns about China, but Canada? Why make an enemy with such a close ally and trusted partner?

Will Canadian Boycott Start With Kentucky Whiskey?
Moon Kil Woong 6/14/2018 2:48:21 AM

As we should all know, erecting trade barriers among close trading partners has an adverse effect on the economy. Sadly, many of these effects occur long term. This means the one implementing them may only have to deal with the #inflation caused by their actions and not the disfigurement of their economy and the gradual shift of trade away from the country implementing one sided trade barriers which are usually illogical because they usually do more harm than good and cause massive unforeseen results because they let he opposing side do one sided actions as well.

There should be a basic economic test the Republican party requires before a candidate is elected because #Trump's position on this is more liberal than even Clinton's which is depressingly sad coming from a person who's suppose to be a businessman.

A Zero-Tariff G7 Area? Yes, Please!
Gary Anderson 6/13/2018 4:34:26 PM

We could buy stuff still cheaper? How would this possibly help American business? Our cost of production is too high to really compete. I don't honestly believe #Trump is serious about this. It is just to gain votes.

Despite Trump’s Comments, H&R Block Is Trending Up After A Positive Tax Season
Alexa Graham 6/12/2018 4:54:05 PM

While I doubt #Trump's tax reforms will put $HRB out of business, it is obviously too early to know what impact there will be.

Tesla: Headed Much Higher After Blockbuster Shareholder Event
Duanne Johnson 6/11/2018 7:13:28 PM

I don't know if i'd agree self driving cars are a con. But in regards to a trade war, might that not be just as likely to help $TSLA? For example, isn't #Trump considering taxing car imports from Canada by 25%? Cars imported from Canada account for about 22% of US car sales. If such a tax goes into affect that might make a #Tesla more affordable by comparison.

The Unemployment Rate Is Useless, But That Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t Useful
Gary Anderson 6/2/2018 2:45:11 PM

I can't see Donald #Trump, in the long run, being partial to labor, since he has spent his life stiffing labor! He only wants made in America to benefit his rich buddies. It was a scam from the start.

Kim, Trump, Thucydides
Ayelet Wolf 5/25/2018 8:30:23 AM

While I don't trust North Korea or Kim Jong-un, I did find myself getting hopeful that peace was on the horizon. But while I'm no fan of #Trump, we'd look like fools pursuing the summit while the Kim's negative rhetoric continued unchecked.

Hopefully this is just some postering on both sides until they can return to the negotiating table.

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