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Trump Announced More Tariffs On Chinese Goods
Sheryl Morris 9/18/2018 11:34:48 AM

I think this is foolish of #Trump. His entire trade war will hurt Americans.

What Do The Top Stocks Of 2018 Have In Common?
Kurt Benson 9/14/2018 2:01:30 PM

I'll tell you what they have in common... #Trump!

Sept. 8th Week In Review: How Trump's Policies Moved Stocks
Kurt Benson 9/9/2018 11:01:35 AM

#Trump is making me money again!

More Signs Of A Correction Ahead: But How Soon And How Much
Harry Goldstein 9/7/2018 6:05:26 AM

Good article Harry Dent. You ask some important questions. But I believe the biggest wildcard is #Trump's unpredictability. Literally anything can happen.

Greenback's Momentum Stalls
Barry Hochhauser 8/23/2018 2:18:17 PM

I wouldn't be so sure. I think #Trump would be very happy to cause pain in Turkey. They are now an "enemy." And with the constant anti-American rhetoric coming out of the country, he may likely be right.

Canada’s Auto Exports Weakened In The First Half Of 2018, Trump’s Trade Restrictions Will Make Matters Worse
Alexis Renault 7/31/2018 2:49:10 PM

Lol, I don't think I've ever seen #Trump and "Integrity" used in the same sentence before. But seriously though, whether you dislike the man or not, why would his election cause a decrease in your investments? I was under the impression he was good for the stock market?

Canada’s Auto Exports Weakened In The First Half Of 2018, Trump’s Trade Restrictions Will Make Matters Worse
William K. 7/31/2018 11:49:35 AM

This information is just as disturbing as the rest of the news about the actions taken by president #Trump. BUT don't blame me, I did not vote for him.

Unfortunately the ill-thought actions have caused a real decrease in my investments. Why does he need to do these things for his friends? What ever became of fiduciary integrity in the office of the president?????

Bad Breadth And An 'Unusual Combination'
Carol Wydra 7/31/2018 6:44:15 AM

#Trump is like a little boy- he wants it both ways.

Bad Breadth And An 'Unusual Combination'
Carol Wydra 7/31/2018 6:42:17 AM

#Trump will take all the credit for the strong GDP then blast Powell for raising rates because of it

A Great Second Quarter Report — But Beware The Context
Carol Wydra 7/31/2018 6:23:27 AM

#Trump I think wants to get rid of #Menuchin btw..latest tweets..

Trade Tariffs Will Harm US More Than China
Gary Anderson 7/30/2018 5:28:55 AM

I am amused when #Trump says we are the piggy bank. Last time I recalled the holders of debt are the piggy banks and China holds an awful lot of our debt. There he goes projecting again, in this case a reverse projection, but harmful and deceitful nevertheless. Great interview!

ECRI Says "Very Serious" Synchronized Global Downturn
Gary Anderson 7/9/2018 5:41:25 AM

Well, at least something is hurting growth. Has to be #Trump, and maybe just business cycle issues with the uber rich pulling in their cash, not willing to spend or invest.

"It's Time To Get Defensive": Morgan Stanley Downgrades Tech Stocks To Sell
Bruce Powers 7/9/2018 3:54:53 AM

Scary! You should add #Micron to the list. China just banned their chips in retaliation for #Trump's #tariffs. Half of $MU's sales are to China:

The Achilles Heel Of Trump's Tariffs
Dick Kaplan 7/2/2018 1:47:51 PM

History certainly does repeat itself. And those who can't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I wonder why #Trump is so convinced he'll be able to succeed where all others failed.

The Achilles Heel Of Trump's Tariffs
Alexis Renault 7/2/2018 1:42:26 PM

So what is the opposing argument? If #tariffs are so obviously bad, why are #Trump and his supporters pushing so hard for them?

What Is Trump Up To With All This Tariff Talk
Beating Buffett 6/29/2018 2:27:06 AM

Thomas Mitchell, that's just #Trump's style. He feels he can get a better deal by being a bully. And if he has the leverage, he is probably right. No one is going to give us a better deal because we're "nice."

That being said, there is much more to diplomacy than negotiating trade deals and Trump has to be careful that he is hurting our long term relationship with important allies like Canada.

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