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"Fess Up To Reality" - Former Google Exec Exposes Silicon Valley Hypocrisy In Scathing Essay
Cynthia Decker 10/8/2018 7:02:01 PM

I disagree. I've always thought it suspicious that tech giants like #Google and #Facebook, which have the greatest tech minds in the world working for them, can build amazing software, filters, facial recognition, search optimization, customized ad generators, translation services, and much more, but can't figure out a better way to combat fake news and hate speech. I've often suspected that either they didn't care enough, or simply didn't see the profit in it. Now that we know $GOOGL PROFITED from this behavior, it makes even more sense.

The Trump Tariff Put Will Expire Worthless
Moon Kil Woong 9/24/2018 5:06:06 AM

The market is not going up because of a #Trump put, it is going up because of the tax cut without a spending cut. This is called fiscal stimulus and it has negated the rather limited drop in monetary stimulus. If anything, the #tariffs and shenanigance in Washington over Internet regulation is holding the market back. If tariffs are cut and the trade war ends it will be a positive just like if the absurd hearings on #Twitter, #Google, and #Facebook end, that will help those stocks.

If or when this happens is debatable. Certainly if the whole market starts tanking, hopefully both of these will end and the government will focus on their job rather than creating more problems. Unfortunately, this is most likely to happen when the economy turns sour, providing limited relief, but most likely it will not turn the tide by itself.

Zuckerberg Scrambles To Calm Facebook Employees
Justin Vargos 4/9/2018 1:41:09 PM

I had no idea that #Facebook violated our privacy to such a degree!

5 Things Facebook Must Do Now
Jack S. Chen 4/9/2018 1:36:03 PM

On the one hand, I'd say #Facebook is finished. That they'll never come back from this debacle. On the other hand, I'd say most users still have no idea what happened or to what degree it happened. $FB

Zuckerberg Scrambles To Calm Facebook Employees
Ayelet Wolf 3/28/2018 1:46:52 PM

There is absolutely no excuse for #Facebook to have captured as much info on users as they did. Why on Earth would they have needed to keep records of every phone call and text message their users sent OUTSIDE of Facebook. That has nothing to do with Facebook and is a complete violation of users' privacy.

I for one am angry. I hope #Zuckerberg and his company are taken down a peg and learn some humility from this debacle.

Zuckerberg Scrambles To Calm Facebook Employees
Danielle Rogers 3/25/2018 11:37:07 PM

I think the issue is the fact that this Facebook even stores this much private data or that they are willing to share this information. Did you try the data download #JulianAssange has been promoting? It's shocking how much info they have. Things have access to aspects of your life that have nothing to do with #Facebook. Read the full article above!

Zuckerberg Scrambles To Calm Facebook Employees
Danny Straus 3/25/2018 11:25:28 PM

The problem wasn't even #Facebook. The haters are jumping on this as an excuse to take Facebook and Zuckerberg down a peg but the fault completely lies with Cambridge Analytica. They are the ones who violated Facebook's terms of use and used the data improperly.

Zuckerberg Scrambles To Calm Facebook Employees
Danny Straus 3/25/2018 11:22:46 PM

#Facebook will be forgiven simply because too many users are addicted to it. People can be very forgiving when they are hooked on a product they love. $FB

"Where's Mark?" CEO's Silence On Cambridge Analytica Is Making Facebook Employees Uneasy
Stock Sanity 3/22/2018 5:53:38 PM

Not sure why this is so surprising. Just like how #Facebook eagerly accepted Russian ad dollars during the last campaign, it's easy to not look too closely at revenue generating initiatives.

Facebook will be forgiven, just like all those before it. $FB

Visa’s Growth Slowdown Has Begun
Noah Kiedrowski 2/20/2018 9:35:30 PM

Single digit revenue growth at a lofty valuation based on any metric in my opinion. There's many companies that are growing revenues much faster with a fraction of the P/E or PEG, namely #Facebook ($FB).

How to Fix Facebook's Phony Feed Problem
Craig Richards 2/18/2018 7:58:57 PM

I wonder how much #Facebook really wants to fix the problem. They made millions off the Russians' fake ads. I'm not sure they will be so quick to find a solution.

How to Fix Facebook's Phony Feed Problem
Carl Schwartz 2/18/2018 6:56:24 PM

I don't know about that. It is a great idea, but the Russians alone reportedly spent millions of Facebook. With only 48 hours to verify every story... that would be a huge cost to the compay. Any competitor could literally flood the site with fake news draining #Facebook's coffers.

Facebook: The Ministry Of Truth?
Michelle Bell 2/6/2018 5:46:21 PM

Haven't you ever seen The Social Network movie about #Facebook? I think you believe #Zuckerberg to be far more altruistic than he really is. He'll do what helps his bottom line and step on anyone if it helps his goals. $FB

Facebook: The Ministry Of Truth?
Bruce M. Knoth 2/5/2018 2:14:03 PM

While these are good ideas, do you really think Russia paid for those #Facebook ads in rubles? They likely used shell companies of shell companies of shell companies that aren't so easy to track. Even if Facebook looked at who was paying for the ads, it would likely take a forensic expert to track the money all the way back to Russia. I highly doubt #Zuckerberg was trying to help #Trump by accepting those ads. He was duped just as much as the rest of America.

I at least give him credit for trying to do what he can to fix the problem. $FB

Drones Vs. Balloons
Craig Newman 1/20/2018 8:30:05 PM

But can they even afford smart-phones to use the internet? Plus, the cheapest in-app purchase I've ever seen is 99 cents. Practically free for Americans, but not for people living up $2.50 per day. I still don't see how these companies can make money off this. Especially #Airbus. At least #Google and #Facebook can make some profits on increased advertising. Please enlighten me.


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