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It's All About Earnings
Justin Vargos 7/27/2017 10:18:19 PM

Great article David Vomund, but I'm not giving up my #FANG stocks just yet. $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL

Nigerian Economic Crisis And Its Effect On Banks
Charles Howard 12/23/2016 4:33:04 PM

I found this article not only interesting. It covers in depth an area that is filled with opportunity yet often ignored by the masses who always flock to the #FANG stocks or other blockbusters. This is where the real opportunity is at. I'd like to read more articles like this.

Tech May Hold Key To Continued Santa Rally
Alexander Hamilton 12/10/2016 2:44:19 AM

The article is cogent and you are right in suggesting that Tech needs to get involved if the Santa or #Trump rally is to continue! What puzzles me is $AMZN's lack of involvement in the rally, same goes for $FB but they are fighting the currents caused by inaccurate ad metrics and fake news! AAPL is a one product company and lately they can't even produce a decent phone. AMZN, however, has no excuse. A 55% YOY increase in AWS and stupendous sales numbers have not moved the needle. $GOOGL is the only #FANG member that has shown some positive momentum. In the absence of Biotech and Pharma, Tech needs to fill that void or the rally has seen its best days already!

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