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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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Kraft Heinz Withdraws $143 Billion Offer For Unilever, After Warren Buffett Got Cold Feet
The proposed transaction would have been the largest-ever takeover in the food or beverage industry, and would have created a company with combined sales of nearly $85 billion, second only to Swiss giant Nestle.
Goldman: Investors Will Soon Realize They Were Too Optimistic
Goldman's chief equity strategist cautioned that "cognitive dissonance exists in the US stock market" as "investors must reconcile S&P 500’s performance with negative EPS revisions from sell-side analysts."
"Recessionary" Demand Forces New York Harbor To Divert Gasoline Shipments
BP Plc and Glencore Plc are among shippers sending fuels to West Africa and Europe as the U.S. East Coast saw its gasoline stockpiles break a fresh record high for the third consecutive week.
Auto Bubble Burst Begins As Subprime Delinquencies Soar To 2009 Levels
Record auto sales have been propped up by low interest rates, a perpetual loosening of auto lending standards with terms being stretched to the max and a wave of leases which have allowed the American consumer to trade up to more expensive vehicles.
Norway Central Banker Warns Of Massive 50% Drop In Wealth Fund Assets To Cover Budget Deficits
In October 2016 the Nordic country revealed plans to massively increase withdrawals by over 25% in 2017, to $15 billion, to cover a budget hole that was expected to be roughly 8% of GDP.
EC The Four Key Themes From Q4 Conference Calls
The latest quarterly report contains excerpts from 39 companies that account for 18% of total S&P 500 revenues and 23% of the S&P 500 equity capitalization regarding tax reform, regulation, fiscal spending and trade policy effects.
Dow, VIX, Gold All Up As Yet Another Ratio Screams "Record High"
Gold remains 2017's biggest gainer, oil is down, bonds flat and the panic bid this week dragged The Dow higher.
Telecoms Surge As Softbank Reportedly Plans T-Mobile-Sprint Merger
Japanese telecom giant SoftBank - which owns Sprint - is reportedly looking at T-Mobile US for a merger. This would be the second attempt after 2014's approach was rebuffed by US regulators.
Permian Panic Continues As Rig Counts Rise Amid Record Glut In Crude
With a record glut of crude and gasoline, US crude production pushed to new cycle highs this week and continues to track lagged rig counts.
Caterpillar Records 50 Consecutive Months Of Declining Global Sales
As Caterpillar's stock hits multi year highs, its operations continue to sink.
For BlackRock, This Is The Red Flag Among Record Low Volatility
Those who are buying gold - despite the recent jump in market-derived inflation indicators - already have their answer.
S&P Futures, Global Stocks Slide As European Political Fears Return; Gold Jumps
S&P equity futures followed Asian and European stocks lower, driven by weakness in Franch and Italian markets, as French political concerns returned.
BNP Risk Indicator Flashes "Love" Warning Signal For US Stocks
While the market itself has exhibited the exuberance we have all seen before (and never seem capable of learning from), BNP has quantified this love-panic relationship (and the news is not great for the bulls).
The Ag Paradox: Farm Incomes And Equipment Purchases Tank While John Deere's Stock Soars
Real farm incomes in 2017 are expected to sink below 2010 levels which represents a 36% decline from the recent peak and a 14% decline since 2015.
Stock Dip Kills Longest Win Streak In 4 Years As Catalyst-Crusher Comes To An End
7 days up in a row for the S&P 500 (longest streak since March 2013) was the limit it seems as Catalyst's statement that it had completed its forced buy-in to cover and Trump's comments about how awesome stocks are capped it...
"Market Players No Longer Trust The BOJ": Why Kuroda Is Suddenly Facing Market Mutiny
BOJ governor Haruhiko Kuroda, finally joined the chorus of people warning that low interest rates will "sow the seeds of the next financial crisis."
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