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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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WTI/RBOB Tumble After Unexpected Inventory Builds
With tropical storm Cindy likely impacting the data, API showed a surprise crude build (exp -2.25mm) and notable gasoline build which sent WTI/RBOB prices reeling.
Deutsche Faces $60MM Derivative Loss For Inflation Bet Gone Bad
The bank faces a double whammy of not only breaching the terms of its latest settlement with the Fed, but is also facing a $60 million derivative loss for a TIPS-linked trade gone bad, which also happened to front run its clients!
Mediocre, Tailing 5 Year Auction; Bid To Cover Slides
If yesterday's 2Y auction was surprisingly strong, today's sale of $34 billion in 5Y paper was downright ugly.
FANG Stocks Tumble To 1-Week Lows
FANG stocks are down almost 3% from yesterday's opening highs, extending losses quickly today to one-week lows.
Tesla Stock Slips After German Watchdog Warns Self-Driving Cars Unsafe
Tesla stock price is extending its declines from yesterday's tumble after reports that Tesla’s first generation self-driving cars may not be safe on public roads.
Euro, Bund Yields Extend Spike After Hawkish Draghi Shocks Markets
Draghi's overly-optimistic expectations for growth were taken as hawkish by the markets and earlier weakness in Bunds (yields spiking) and strength in EUR (surging to 2-week highs) have continued...
"Hawkish Shock" From Draghi, PBOC Intervention Fail To Move Futures As Attention Turns To Yellen
S&P futures were fractionally in the red, pressured by a drop in European shares following what several desks called a "hawkish shock" speech by Mario Draghi at the annual ECB forum in Portugal.
Fed's Dudley Had Some Worrying Remarks During A Closed-To-The-Press Session
Last week, Bank of America became the latest bank to wonder if the Fed, no longer even remotely data-dependent, is now hiking rates for no other reason but to burst what increasingly more are calling a risk bubble.
Durable Goods Orders Tumble (Again) In May, Still 5% Below 2007 Peak
Following a big drop in April, May's preliminary durable goods orders tumbled 1.1% MoM (the worst since November). Across the entire report, numbers disappointed with Capital Goods Orders and Shipments both dropping considerably more than expected.
Italy Bank Bailouts Send European, Global Stocks Higher; Gold Flash Crashes
Risk sentiment is broadly higher thanks to European equity markets which have rallied strongly from the open led by the Italian banking sector following the Veneto banks resolution.
Italian Taxpayers To Foot €17 Billion Bill As Rome Bails Out Another Two Insolvent Banks
Italy may have just killed any hope of a European banking union, when the bailout of two small banks made a "mockery" of Europe's new regulation.
Japan's Bond Market Grinds To A Halt: "We'll Go Days When No Bonds Trade Hands
The Bank of Japan may or may not be tapering, but that may soon be moot because by the time Kuroda decides whether he will buy less bonds, the bond market may no longer work.
"It’ll Be An Avalanche": Hedge Fund CIO Sets The Day When The Next Crash Begins
While asset managers have grown increasingly skeptical and gloomy joining the rising chorus of bank analysts urging clients to "go to cash" none have dared to commit the cardinal sin of actually predicting when the next crash will take place.
You Know It's Bad When... Prices For Used Jets Are Cratering
In 2008, 1,313 business jets were delivered, compared with 661 in 2016. But the drop hasn’t been fast enough to balance out oversupply in the used-jet market.
One "Data-Dependent" Trader Is "Looking At The Bounce In Gold As Sentiment Indicator"
We’re all data-dependent. It’s not just the central banks that hide behind that aphorism. Traders and investors operate that way too. It’s just that data is a very poorly defined word and concept.
Former Fed Governor: "The Fed Isn't As Independent As Many Think"
It has long been a bone of contention if only among the fringe media, that at its core the Fed is merely a private institution, beholden only to its de facto owners: not the people of the U.S. but to a small cabal of banks.
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