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Investor with 21 years of experience

Value investor; managing Covestor portfolio for the past fiver years.

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7 days ago
RT Digbae: Accurate representation of how life is going
11 days ago
In August, Payroll has increased by 201,000 and unemployment reached down to 3.9%, layoffs are virtually nil. Is th…
17 days ago
RT awealthofcs: 1. You 2. Don’t 3. Get 4. Rich 5. From 6. Reading 7. Lists
25 days ago
Commentary: Trump’s tariffs could cripple American farmers
25 days ago
Where are those new jobs? Since last year the most significant job gains occurred in Texas, California, and Florida…
27 days ago
What goes up must come down... On December 17th last year Bitcoin was trading at $19,019. Since the beginning of t…