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Investor with 21 years of experience

Value investor; managing Covestor portfolio for the past fiver years.

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21 hours ago
Here are the firms with foreign profits more than their annual revenue.
1 day ago
realDonaldTrump Lotto is nothing but randomly giving away green cards without any prior qualifications from any co…
6 days ago
Taxes make the difference: In 2018, we will see more people migrate to low tax states like Washington, Florida, Ten…
6 days ago
realDonaldTrump Immigration is a privilege, not a right. GOP wants to give amnesty to DACA. Haitians were invited…
6 days ago
RT realDonaldTrump:....countries which are doing badly. I want a merit based system of immigration and people who will help take our coun…
7 days ago
Is Amazon Going to Rule the World?
1 month ago
Flat curve ahead: While both the US and Global economies expanding, yield spreads are shrinking. We may see prolong…