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My name is Burt Coons.

My Pen name "Plunger" is a spoof based on a quote from P.J. O’Rourke, an American political satirist and journalist.

“Giving assets to a stock market plunger is like giving beer and car keys to teenage boys."

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By Plunger
6 months ago
Commented on Correction Over, Gold & Gold Stocks Eyeing New Highs:

As you correctly point out gold could have corrected to $1280. Since it didn't we again find ourselves with lots of wannabe gold holders on the sidelines. They are now set-up to chase the rally.

By Plunger
8 months ago
Commented on Bull Markets That Follow Epic Bears:

Very good observations. Your approach and findings are consistent with what I have proposed from a different method. I have seen this as a Phase I of a new bull and in that phase stocks return to "known Values" which I have suggested are around HUI 350, where the point of recognition was in both the preceding bull and bear markets. Also like the bull of 1982 in the general stock market stocks took off and didn't correct for 17 months.

By Plunger
8 months ago
Commented on Complacency Over Coal's Collapse: Factors To Consider:

Tons of data here, enjoyed the article, I wish there was a more conclusive strategy presented going forward.

As for myself, if we increase the tax on coal we must certainly penalize the more damaging methane by installing the "Fart Tax"