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An award-winning, Calgary-based author, editor and writer, Peter McKenzie-Brown has worked for several corporate clients and for industry and business publications. He has written many articles for energy-related magazines and was a coordinator and interviewer for the Petroleum History ... more

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9 hours ago
A year old, but still an interesting piece on the #oilsands, #ImperialOil and #Suncor.
9 hours ago
The news from #Saskatchewan. #AlbertaEconomy begins to take off. Too bad about today's #oilprice slump.
11 hours ago
How Sun Oil and Imperial Oil built an oilsands energy powerhouse - via ConstructConnx
14 hours ago
July 16: Trade, tarrifs, tactics. Plus other letters to the editor
Surge Energy releases presentation with a statement of facts on Canadian energy via BOEReport
NATO, Crimea and election hacking: What Trump and Putin hope to achieve at Helsinki summit #TrumpPutin
RT JulieMannell: I thought women had their periods forever. When my first period stopped I assumed the neighbours’ dog impregnated me when…
RT supriyadwivedi: No he didn’t. It’s on video.