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An award-winning, Calgary-based author, editor and writer, Peter McKenzie-Brown has worked for several corporate clients and for industry and business publications. He has written many articles for energy-related magazines and was a coordinator and interviewer for the Petroleum History ... more

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23 hours ago
There's the matter of the #US/Canadaborder to think about. Enjoy. Oh yes, here's my #Trumpemoticon.!:-o
RT PTertzakian: We are getting more, not less dependent on #oil. No surprise: lower for longer prices makes the world use more #OOTT https…
RT dan_dorland: JPMorgan's massive guide to machine learning jobs in finance
Check out this book marketing checklist from timgrahl:
I should have posted this yesterday. Enjoy.
12 days ago
shaunleybbc that noisy young reporter needs to disappear from your usually excellent program
13 days ago
RT TheBookTweeters: #YA #fiction. Coming of age with a supernatural twist. "Awesome characters and a fabulous plot."…
13 days ago
Tech Talk: Financials Redux $IJR $XLF
14 days ago
RT BBCNews: The big question: when will we know who's won? Here's what to expect tonight, and when: #bbcelection
14 days ago
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