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E Emerging Markets Not Really Emerging
Lots of chatter recently on the emergence of emerging markets. However, when we look at the charts, only one market looks good.
E Correction Territory – Time To Panic!
The tone of the market is different but even after a really rotten week there is still plenty of evidence that points to a recovery. How long it lasts will be the real question.
Interest Rate Breakout? Probably
It looked to be a breakout a few months ago but the argument for it is better now. Will it last? Probably but things are a bit overheated right now.
E The Good, The Bad And The Pecker
With all the chatter about the longest bull market on record and snapping the longest streak without a new high, you'd think the market is either off to the races or about to crumble. As I've been saying for the past two years, everybody is wrong.
E Bond Market Says Things Are Not Quite Right
Stocks still look pretty good on many fronts but why does the bond market look ready to rally? Interest rates may just go down first before they normalize.
E Still A Bull But Not Rabid
I'm still bullish but we're starting to see the finish line in the distance.
E Dow Breaks 200-Day Average Streak – So What?
A moving average is just that – an average. It is not a trade trigger and for the Dow, it was nothing at all.
E This Index Will Tell You When To Be A Bear
While everyone obsesses over when the FANGs will revers and take the market down, the small caps offer a more tangible target for the same thing.
E Oil’s Slippery Slope
After spending nearly three weeks above the $70 per barrel level last month, West Texas crude oil looks a whole lot weaker in June.
E Why I Am Still Bullish
Tune out the news and let the market itself tell you when the bull is over. It ain't now.
Unmasking The VooDoo: Failure
Most of the time, failure is not good. However, when it comes to trading and investing, here’s where we put failure to use as a benefit.
10 Year Rates
While it looks as if we've got a major trend reversal in place for interest rates, the short-term shows waning momentum. That means don't panic.
E Market Underpinnings Still Look Encouraging
A look at the sector performance still shines a rather positive light on the stock market despite all the reasons for negativity. It does not preclude a real correction but the long-term picture is still pretty good.
The Changing Economy
Thoughts and observations, thanks to Stocktoberfest East, on the drivers of the new economy - such as artificial intelligence and transactional changes. The deepening of the millennial theme and some more on decentralization and fractionalization.
E The View From Above Is Pretty Good
The big picture view tunes out the noise and shows us that bullish undertones remain in place.
E Price Rules, Your Opinion Drools
I am amazed at all the punditry happening this month as the stock market does exactly what the stock market should do. That is, make as many people as uncomfortable as possible. Through it all, the trend is still up.
1 to 16 of 87 Posts
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