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Unmasking The VooDoo: Trends
Nowhere but in the financial and commodity markets do people want to buy more as the price goes higher.
Unmasking The Voodoo: Chart Patterns
What is happening now is the bulls see a cheap price at the pattern bottom. The bears see an expensive price at the top. Both act accordingly. Nobody has enough nerve to do anything else.
Unmasking The VooDoo: Guru Calls
The Dow 7500 level was the arguable bottom of the July 1997 - January 1998 trading range.
Unmasking The VooDoo: Fibonacci
Both the hammer and Fibonacci are tools used in their respective fields. A hammer is used in carpentry to, among other things, frame a house. A Fibonacci retracement is used in investment analysis to frame the market's recent move.
Unmasking The VooDoo: Sentiment
Sentiment is the true oddball of technical analysis because it is the only analysis that seeks to figure out what traders are thinking.
Unmasking The Voodoo: Moving Averages
Pundits and journalists like to report when the market breaks one of the more widely followed moving averages. Here we take a look at what a move through an average - or a "crossover" - really means.
The Fallacy Of Analogs
Stocks and bonds sometimes move together and sometimes they move opposite from each other. Sometimes they compete for investor dollars and sometimes they are risk-on Vs. risk-off proxies.
Unmasking The VooDoo - Head-And-Shoulders
Whenever I think about the head-and-shoulders pattern, I always seem to go back to the late, great Mark Haines of CNBC who in the summer of 2009 asked every guest, if they were worried about the head-and-shoulders pattern that formed in the market.
Tech Wreck Not
June 9 was a wild ride lower for big mo tech stocks and pundits basically said they gave up the ghost. Here, we look at the humble 50-day average and think otherwise.
VIX Crunch
A spike down in the VIX has been pretty good under some conditions.
Euro Sterling Death Cross
The Euro/British Pound cross rate scored a bearish moving average death cross last week. Meaningful in the currency markets?
Unmasking The Voodoo - Cup With Handle
Anyone who ever discovered a relationship in the stock market and decided to go public with it probably created an indicator - which they named after themselves - or described a pattern or cycle and gave it a really catchy name.
Unmasking The Voodoo Of Chart Reading
Charts are tools. You have to make the decision for yourself and at no time will you (or should you) think you have certainty. You are playing the odds. And all you can do is control what you do - buy, sell or hold.
Market Projection March 2017
A follow-up to my Barron's Online column where I made the case for either a pullback here in a bull market or the start of another leg up comparable to the post-election burst.
A Look At Airlines
A look at how airlines have performed over the past few months and how the market validated my dislike for one of them.
FANGs And Friends
While the FANG stocks are no longer the hot items they once were they still do matter. So do some of their friends.
1 to 16 of 63 Posts
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