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Unmasking The VooDoo: Failure
Most of the time, failure is not good. However, when it comes to trading and investing, here’s where we put failure to use as a benefit.
10 Year Rates
While it looks as if we've got a major trend reversal in place for interest rates, the short-term shows waning momentum. That means don't panic.
E Market Underpinnings Still Look Encouraging
A look at the sector performance still shines a rather positive light on the stock market despite all the reasons for negativity. It does not preclude a real correction but the long-term picture is still pretty good.
The Changing Economy
Thoughts and observations, thanks to Stocktoberfest East, on the drivers of the new economy - such as artificial intelligence and transactional changes. The deepening of the millennial theme and some more on decentralization and fractionalization.
E The View From Above Is Pretty Good
The big picture view tunes out the noise and shows us that bullish undertones remain in place.
E Price Rules, Your Opinion Drools
I am amazed at all the punditry happening this month as the stock market does exactly what the stock market should do. That is, make as many people as uncomfortable as possible. Through it all, the trend is still up.
E FANGs’ Role In The Bull Run Is Overstated
Here is a market thesis I had surrounding the performance of the FANG stocks and what I learned about the rest of the market's strength. Are the FANGs really covering for a weaker market?
E U.S. Dollar Approaching A Critical Juncture
It's decision-time for the greenback as evidence piles up for both the bullish and bearish arguments.
The Wisdom Of The Talking Head
You may think TV talking heads are worthless but if you understand their motivations and methods will find value in most of them.
E Gold Breakout Still Elusive
Many gold bugs look now for the next great bull run but it’s not there yet.
E A Quick Tip On Deciding What To Buy Now
If you have deciding that the February swoon was indeed a correction, the question is, "What do you buy now?"
E Reasons To Be Cheerful – There’s Three
Three (and a half) technical charts to keep the bulls happy.
E EC A Yogi Berra Stock Market
The great stock market analyst Yogi Berra has an answer for both bulls and bears. It ain’t over. And neither is the volatility.
Unmasking The VooDoo - Michael's Rules
My rules for dealing with the analysis in the real world and not in some idealized trading lab.
Unmasking The VooDoo: Trends
Nowhere but in the financial and commodity markets do people want to buy more as the price goes higher.
Unmasking The Voodoo: Chart Patterns
What is happening now is the bulls see a cheap price at the pattern bottom. The bears see an expensive price at the top. Both act accordingly. Nobody has enough nerve to do anything else.
1 to 16 of 77 Posts
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