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2 days ago
Diversfy in Asia. My latest for Kiplinger. https://t.co/S21voOiXrF
5 days ago
They sounded the #hindenburg alarm again. A quick search on Barrons shows 37 of the 88 new NYSE lows are muni funds… https://t.co/ohtcwOvKad
5 days ago
scjason911 They could go up or they could go down. Thanks for the analysis Bobby
6 days ago
"Stocks are pricey, but could keep climbing" says Robert Shiller. That's why he gets the big bucks.
6 days ago
Irony - news orgs telling everyone to evacuate while they report from inside hurricanes and potentially in need of rescue. #idiots
7 days ago
New 52-week lows on Ethereum and LiteCoin #craptocurrencies
8 days ago
Ratio of Nasdaq-100 technology to full Nasdaq-100 index. Support and oversold coming up. https://t.co/XJm8snZVS0
8 days ago
Midday Market Call with #Allyinvest. Talking markets and some options strategies on $COST. Free. https://t.co/AgaRqjnBXY
10 days ago
Rename this guy Eh-wreck Flowers. Left side, right side, does not matter. #JAXvsNYG #NYGiants