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3 hours ago
Time for BAITs - The FANGs of China. My latest on Kiplinger https://t.co/NMkgzvSL72
19 hours ago
Just got boarding position B-17 on my SouthwestAir flight. Today was a win.
20 hours ago
Breakdown and kiss goodbye? https://t.co/IhDBaCXMux
23 hours ago
Which #NFL marketing genius set up this Monday matchup? #NYGvsSF #BattleForTheBottom
1 day ago
#NYJets I'll take the under, way under
3 days ago
Happy hour KetelOne and tonic with lime. Ahhhh
4 days ago
Somebody's been running FROM Sasquatch. $YELP https://t.co/0lFLsvs0xv
4 days ago
Well, did not reverse but resistance still in play $BKX
4 days ago
Banks potential reversal at resistance $BKX https://t.co/1osnYWuvAi