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1 day ago
Irony - every single email list telling you about how they protect your privacy by sending you unsolicited emails
2 days ago
RyanDetrick LoveBethpage I was at their main branch yesterday to deposit some checks. Missed Trump, however.
2 days ago
RyanDetrick LoveBethpage and you did not stop by to say hi?
2 days ago
michaelbatnick Looks like a map of liberal boners after Trump leaves office
2 days ago
Here's hoping #gdpr works better than the #DoNotCallList. Could be a great day for my inbox May 25.
3 days ago
Short-term relief ahead for crapto-currencies $BTC.X https://t.co/JVbkmt7tu3
8 days ago
The stock market when the Fed finally withdraws https://t.co/1q4PtAfHWS
8 days ago
This is one of those insane declines that is cheap enough for vultures. $CPB https://t.co/wd0DYICd7I