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7 hours ago
My final for Barron's - Are You Ready for the Market Melt? https://t.co/dd6C3VF7El
7 hours ago
SMH headline - Ripple Prices Roar 48% After the Cryptocurrency Market Stabilizes....stabilizes?
8 hours ago
SlopeOfHope Image result for droopy dog https://t.co/vTU6KBl9mM
9 hours ago
Frassem barronsonline Thanks for the kudos. I'll announce my next adventure here.
10 hours ago
Are You Ready for the Market Melt? https://t.co/dd6C3VF7El via BarronsOnline
10 hours ago
From MKTW comments: Bitcoin model P(f)=P(B)FxF The Future price of Bitcoin equals the Price of Bitcoin now times the numbr of fools squared.
11 hours ago
I'm tired just watching this https://t.co/sEI8IIrwTS
15 hours ago
McClellanOsc eSignal closed yesterday with 883. StockCharts 880
16 hours ago
I show 883 new NYSE highs Wednedsay on a day when the Dow set a record and climbed 300 points. Not exactly powerful
17 hours ago
RT RampCapitalLLC: I updated a couple of support lines on my $BTC chart. Confused and scared but bullish. #HODLgang https://t.co/92sNw3HkCZ