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IMF Officials Discuss Future Potential for the SDR

Date: Saturday, May 7, 2016 2:50 PM EDT

We featured an interview with Dr. Warren Coats here on the blog in January. Dr. Coats has a proposal designed to encourage adoption of the SDR used at the IMF as a true global reserve currency. In February Dr. Coats and current IMF official Dr. Thomas Krueger were the featured speakers at a presentation on SDRs sponsored by the Chicago Economics Society in Washington, DC. You can watch the presentation on the video embedded just below. Following that is a brief summary of the contents of the presentation.


This presentation along with the Q&A session that followed with the audience has a wealth of important information about the prospects for the SDR some day becoming a true global reserve currency that could even replace the US dollar. This is a must see video for readers here and anyone you know who may have interest. Also, please note the quote Dr. Coats provided us to use for this article below.




Here is a brief summary of just some of the important information covered in this video:


- introduction to IMF official Dr. Thomas Krueger who works with SDRs currently


- introduction to former IMF Head of SDRs - Dr. Warren Coats


- some history and background on SDRs


- an explanation of the distinction between official SDRs used at IMF and "private SDRs"


- Dr. Krueger talks about some realistic ways SDRs could be more widely used while also noting some of the factors inhibiting broader use of them (mainly the dominance of the US dollar)


- Dr. Coats reviews his "Real SDR" Currency Board proposal to explain how the use of private SDRs could expand the role of SDRs as a global reserve currency

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