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I am a full time independent Professional Trader specializing in valuing Options, Stocks, and Futures.
I do not speculate and I never sell naked options. 
I specialize in finding trades using Fundamental Analysis and I manage those trades using Technical Analysis.
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Bond Yields Crash, Is The S&P 500 Next?
If the 30yr interest rates continue to trade lower in the futures market, the yield curve will flatten because of the Federal Reserve raising of short-term interest rates.
Stock Option Greeks Simplified
A discussion about the stock option greeks and simplification for the retail trader.
How To Trade A Flat Yield Curve With Bond Futures
The difference between a yield curve steepener and a yield curve flattener using the futures.
S&P 500 Futures Bounce 60 Points Off The 200pd Moving Average
It was volatile day today, VIX gets above 20.
Bond Futures Trading Strategies
How to trade the yield curve bond futures.
5 Tips For Smarter Options Trading
How to trade Stock Options in the correct way?
How To Trade Futures Using Relative Value And Pair Trading
How to trade futures using relative value and pair trading?
3 Reasons Why I Bought Overstock
I am going to walk you through what's become the best trade of the year... Overstock, how I found this trade and what's next.
It's Tough To Eclipse The Performance Of This Solar Trade: FSLR, JKS
Options solar trade with: FSLR and JKS.
Trading The Back End Of The Yield Curve Using Bond Futures - Infinity Futures, Futures Contract
We are walking our way through trading the bond market with especial attention to the yield curve.
FV A Few Simple Tips To Analyze Oil Futures And /CL, WTO OIL Futures Curve
The correct way to trade bond futures, oil futures, contango, and backwardation.
The Reason We're Short /ZF Futures Contracts Right Now
A look at an infinity futures interest rate futures contract treasury.
The Main Reason Option Traders Fail
How to trade options and what is the main reason where options traders fail?
Traders Are Freaking Out Over Alan Greenspan's Bond Comments
Greenspan comment: "Bond bubble about to break because of "abnormally low" interest rates?" is freaking traders.
This Is What A Move In The Yield Curve Looks Like - Bond Futures, How To Trade Bonds Futures Trading
We talk about bond yield curves in this video and what factors are contributing to its flattening.
Professional Traders Position Management In Forex Trading - Hedging, Portfolio And Money Management
Let's talk some diversification in the currency markets. Keep in mind that when we're trading in the cash Forex market, every trade we make is a bearish trade.
1 to 16 of 96 Posts
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