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The World’s Biggest Hedge Fund Is Getting Whacked, And Why “Moneyness” Matters
A few years ago the Swiss National Bank (SNB) – which traditionally held “monetary assets” like government bonds, cash and gold to back up the Swiss franc — decided to branch out into common stocks.
Yet Another Trillion-Dollar Unfunded Liability: Why California Is Burning
The apocalyptic fires that hit California last month have left observers scratching their heads and wondering how destruction on that scale could be possible – and how much it will cost. Gold becomes more necessary with every one of these stories.
Empty Words Are Failing. A Timeline For What Comes Next
If the last round of ZIRP, NIRP and QE didn’t create a crack-up boom, it’s possible that the next, even more, extreme iterations of these policies will “work” just as well as the originals. It’s also possible that they won’t.
Home Sales Plunge, Trade Deficit Spikes, Fed Blinks
The October advanced trade balance (deficit) of goods worsened to $77.2 billion ($77.0 billion expected) from $76.3 billion in September. From here on out every Fed meeting will be an adventure.
Has This Become A “Short Everything In Sight” Market?
One of the strangest things about this strangest-ever expansion has been the way pretty much everything went up. Stocks, bonds, real estate, art, oil – some of which have historically negative correlations with others — all rose in lockstep.
Gold Is Setting Up For A Nice First-Half Rally
Precious metals investors don’t have much to console them these days. Just about the only bright spot is the nice, though ephemeral, pop in the gold/silver price that seems to happen every January. Sometimes it persists for six or so months.
Corporate Share Buybacks Looking Dumber By The Day
So – as usually happens at the end of long credit parties – the same companies that bought back their shares so aggressively at ever-higher prices now have to pull those same shares out of storage and sell them at ever-lower prices.
Marin Katusa: Tax Loss Selling Season Will Produce Some “Particularly Juicy Gold Stock Opportunities”
Investors with beaten-down gold/silver mining shares in their portfolio have three choices: Dump those losers for the tax loss before year-end; hold on in the hope that they’ve bottomed; or take advantage of others’ tax loss selling for bargains.
GE, Nvidia, Nordstrom, Bitcoin All Tank, And The Fed Notices
The sense that something isn’t right out there just got a lot stronger. And the Fed, in response, is now tiptoeing back towards QE.
As Oil Plunges, Energy Junk Bonds Turn Dangerous — Again
Back in 2104 oil was falling and hundreds of billions of dollars of energy junk bonds and leveraged loans looked to be at risk.
A Palpable Sense Of Panic
Based the last few days’ headlines you’d never know the world is in year 10 of a pretty good expansion.
Yet Another Trillion-Dollar Unfunded Liability, California Wildfires Edition
What does it cost to rebuild from scratch? Are the insurance companies budgeting for this? Is Washington? This failure will increase our costs in the form of more government debt and increased insurance premiums. A currency reset may be the answer.
Oil And General Electric Join The Roll-Over Parade
With interest rates rising on that old debt, the cost of past mistakes may at last be exceeding the gains from new investment, pushing the marginal utility of debt to zero or below.
The Election’s Finally Over. Now Things Can Go Back To “Normal”: Rising Interest Rates, Rising Debt, Rising Volatility
The reality of the situation is the same as it was in October: As long as unemployment stays low and wages keep rising, interest rates will have to go up.
The World’s Smartest Investors Can’t Figure Out The Markets – And That’s A Really Bad Thing
The number of hedge funds has exploded in the past couple of decades. But the number of extraordinary money managers didn’t increase commensurately.
Here Comes The Housing Bust “Reverse Wealth Effect,” Australia Edition
In Australia, home prices have stopped rising in many places and in a few canaries in the financial coal mine have begun to plunge.
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