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Principal at Pacific Management Consulting Group, Restaurant Analyst and Management Consultant

John A. Gordon is Principal and Founder of Pacific Management Consulting Group, an independent restaurant analyst providing research and niche earnings analysis, management consulting and advisory expertise to those who need to know ... more

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7 hours ago
Other than the $DRI and $BOBE interventions, the activist success record can't be seen. $BWLD was virtually destroy…
11 hours ago
$JACK....checking boxes on a due diligence checklist? Jack in the Box seeking 'financing alternatives' amid strugg…
22 hours ago
Now we see how company execs have been diverted....$JACK..Jack in the Box is for sale
1 day ago
RT gregorymckenna: “Not a single company has borrowed money through the $1.2tn US high-yield corporate bond market this month. If that dro…
3 days ago
RT LesliePicker: We'll be discussing the loans funding this leverage boom on CNBCClosingBell in an hour
3 days ago
1000 plus US $MCD franchisees meeting in Dallas today. See McD_Truth commentary.
4 days ago
Looks like RMH retains a core of units; their Chapter 11 plan was approved earlier in the week. $DIN finally has co…
4 days ago
#restaurant price/check growth can outstrip the market..RT: Fast food, hailed as cheap and speedy, isn't such a ste…
4 days ago
New NYC Roastery open in time for $SBUX I Day this week. Looks to me they need more food (likely best a contractor…
5 days ago
Sorry to see Scotty's Brewhouse in Chapter 11 and closing 4 units in my hometown. Filing indicated high rents, comp…