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James Picerno is a veteran financial journalist and has been writing about portfolio strategies, investment products, and macroeconomics since the early 1990s at Bloomberg, Dow Jones and other media groups before becoming an independent writer/analyst/consultant in 2008. He’s currently ... more

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Fed Raises Interest Rates As Core Inflation Slows
The Federal Reserve raised interest rates again yesterday, but the announcement of tighter policy followed news that the trend in core consumer inflation drifted lower.
Building A “Market” Portfolio With Statistical Factor Weights
Building a “market portfolio” has obvious benefits for portfolio design. The asset allocation is relatively objective in the sense that Mr. Market chooses the weights.
EC 2018 Comes Into Focus
The year is winding down, which means that we’re knee-deep in newly minted 2018 investment outlooks.
A Mixed Week For The Major Asset Classes
Global markets posted a varied set of performances for the five trading days through last week’s close. On the positive side, US stocks continued to rally, dispensing the best weekly return for the major asset classes, based on a set of ETFs.
Another Solid Gain For US Company Payrolls In November
Private payrolls in the US continued to increase at a healthy pace in November, rising 221,000 from the previous month, the US Labor Department reports. The advance marks the second month of 200,000-plus growth.
Momentum Leaves Other Factor Strategies In The Dust This Year
No one will confuse it with Bitcoin, but momentum is certainly red hot among US equity factor strategies, based on a set of ETFs.
Treasury 10yr-2yr Yield Spread Continues To Slide
The gap between the 10-year and 2-year Treasury yields fell to 57 basis points on Monday (Dec. 4), according to Treasury.gov’s daily data. The dip marks yet another post-recession low for this widely monitored spread.
US Stocks Bucked The Trend With Another Solid Gain Last Week
Selling dominated trading last week for the major asset classes, based on a set of exchange-traded products. The main exception: US equities, which posted a solid advance.
Major Asset Classes; Performance Review For November 2017
US stocks resumed the lead in November as the top performer for the major asset classes. The Russell 3000 Index gained 3.0% last month, the strongest advance since February.
How Much Credit Does Trump Deserve For Economic Growth?
US economic growth was revised up to a 3.3% pace in yesterday second GDP estimate for the third quarter – the strongest quarterly rise in three years.
Should Investors Worry About North Korea’s Missile Tests?
The US stock market seems to be increasingly immune to North Korea’s ongoing military exercises.
Forecasts Anticipate Another Solid Rise For US Q4 GDP Growth
US economic growth in the fourth quarter is expected to hold at or near the solid 3% pace that’s been reported in Q2 and Q3, according to several recent forecasts.
Across-The-Board Gains For Markets Last Week - Monday, Nov. 27
Buyers lifted prices in all the major asset classes last week, based on a set of exchange-traded products. The gains mark the first run of uniformly positive weekly results in three months.
Tech-Stock Momentum Accelerates
Technology shares have surged recently, leaving the rest of US equity sectors in the dust, based on a set of ETFs.
US Business Cycle Risk Report - Tuesday, November 21
US economic activity continues to trend solidly positive in the latest roundup of numbers. In turn, recession risk remains virtually nil, based on the available data through October.
Foreign Bonds Bounced Back Last Week
Fixed-income markets in developed and emerging nations topped the winners list last week for the major asset classes, based on a set of exchange-traded products.
1 to 16 of 1220 Posts
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