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Swamp Creatures Sack D.C.; Fed Drops MOAB On Wall St.
1 day ago

I believe the MOAB is because it is clear that we are now in the realm of 'fiscal' policy where before, the Fed had been employing 'monetary' policy. Wax on here and wax off there....

Use This Simple Technique To Make Better Trade Decisions
1 day ago

Often times simpler is better. Good job, David.

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Tech Sector Holds The Key
3 days ago

Good to see you too, Candy. I've been asking myself 'correction or corrective consolidation?' for a while now. Seems like you've got the same question in mind.

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WTIC: Get Ready To Trade The Departure From $50.00 Per Barrel
4 days ago

Covered a crude oil short today. Not wanting to be greedy.

Tech Sector Holds The Key
4 days ago

Agree with you on this, Candy.

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Gold And Unrealistic Expectations - Gold Is Not An Investment
4 days ago

I agree with your view that gold is stable. It does not move; everything around it does. But it is not money where it is not an official medium of exchange. It is an anchor to monetary value though.

Is Cardinal Health A Better Bargain Than Ever?
7 days ago

Very helpful article, given my interest in the medical device market.

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Dollar Drivel
7 days ago

It's the same as the John Snow era. "We are in favor of a strong dollar", all the while working against it.

100 Year Bonds In The Trump Era
7 days ago

In the end it's all rearranging deck chairs...

Fed Will Cause A 2008 Redux
8 days ago

I think that this tightening of 'monetary' policy is a direct reaction to anticipated 'fiscal' policy projected to come. But with the shall we say innovative moves by Yellen's predecessor, how on earth can they expect the adjustment to be symmetrical and under control?

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