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Amid Bad Fundamentals, Gold Sector Rally May Have Begun
We have been expecting a seasonal rally in gold, silver and the miners off of a bottom due in either December or January, as is typical of the sector.
Three Amigos Update
The 3 Amigos of the Macro ride on. The ‘Stocks vs. Gold’ and Yield Curve Amigos look the most like shoe-ins to make their destinations. As long as they are in transit all is fine. But when the limits are reached it will be time to anticipate change.
Precious Metals Breaking Down! 3 Amigos To Abort? 4 Horsemen To Ride?
It’s hard to feel bullish now and that is the point of markets. Sometimes you have to do what is hard.
3 Global Markets That Could Indicate An Interim Correction
Here are a few global ETFs with little room to drop in order to avoid daily chart technical breakdowns. Are they leading the fiscally drunk US market and its chronic tweeter in chief/stock pumper?
Updating The 3 Amigos Of The Macro
The 3 Amigos of macro change will ride until they hit the wall known as the limitations of a cooked up macro market backdrop.
Taxes, Macro Signals, Seasonality, US Stocks And Gold Miners
While politicians hammer out the details it is generally accepted that corporations and by extension the investor and asset owner classes are targeted for benefits under the coming Republican tax plan.
Operation Twist By Another Name And Method?
The TIP/IEF ‘inflation gauge’ is still motoring upward after breaking above the SMA 200. If this turns the 200 up along with the MA 50 it could indicate a mini hysteria about inflation.
Perspective On The Gold / Oil Ratio, Macro Fundamentals And A Gold Sector Bottom
With all due caveats about the non-stellar gold CoT data, I wanted to note a constructive situation in gold vs. oil, which is a key sector fundamental consideration.
Macro Plan Still On Track For Stocks, Commodities & Gold
Treasury bonds and the risk ‘off’ trades are all keyed on the interest rate backdrop; and I am not talking about the Fed, with its measured Fed Funds increases.
At The Junction Of Risk ‘On’ And Risk ‘Off’
If you’re not following bonds closely, you’re not really following stock and asset markets. You’re throwing darts. Using the 10 year yield we note that a bullish pattern is still in play, although bonds rallied hard this week and yields dropped.
EC The Big Macro Play Ahead
This week something happened that has gotten me geeked out like at no other time since Q4 2008, when it was time to put the real precious metals fundamental view (as opposed to commonly accepted gold bug versions) to the test and go all-in.
"Great Rotation" Ahead; Will It Be Inflationary Or Deflationary?
A yield curve bottom and a rotation to a steepening environment is out there somewhere on the horizon. It will either be inflationary or deflationary.
Update On Q4 Pivot View For Stocks And Gold
The gold sector is stable and in waiting for difficulties in the stock market and other heavily gamed areas of the investment world.
As Good As It Gets; Like 2000 With A Twist
We have a lot of similarities to 2000 except that back then Greenspan had the benefit of low yields, which provided the mechanics of the recovery.
Effective Market Management: Art & Science
Economists are trained by their science to follow the data. Now, the politics get involved when they cherry pick which data to highlight and extrapolate; but the data are the data.
In Marketing And In Markets, Don’t Be The Mark
The bottom line is there is no easy way in the financial markets and anyone who tells you they have a secret sauce should be either avoided or thoroughly vetted. In many ways the internet is still like the wild west, where anything goes.
1 to 16 of 1354 Posts
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