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US/Global Stocks, Commodities, Precious Metals And The 'Anti-USD' Trade
The most recent leg of the US stock market rally and the bounces in global equities, commodities and precious metals are coming as part of an "anti-USD trade".
Pieces Of The US & Global Stock Market Puzzle Come Together
What is the global picture of the stock market, including the US?
The Bullish CoT Setups In Gold And Silver
While the prices of the metals are and have been technically bearish and the fundamentals are and have been poor, sentiment (CoT is ultimately a sentiment thing) setups should not be ignored. We are talking historic in silver and compelling in gold.
Gold Is The Sun, And An Anchor
The Federal Reserve and its global Central Banking fellows have theoretically blown the system and blown an asset bubble of global proportions.
Semi Sector: A Warning Or A Buy?
Over time the ugly patterns became even uglier with breakdowns to new lows.
Multi-Market Status: Precious Metals, Commodities, US And Global Stocks
Gold must begin to outperform vs. stock markets. While the ratio is stretched to the downside, there is no sign yet of a turn in this indicator.
What Gold Is Not
We are setting up for a potentially epic opportunity… but only if the right analytical parameters come into play would it be an intense and extended affair.
Gold’s Kill Zone
There is nothing bullish happening on the gold and silver charts. Nothing bullish on the miner Index/ETF charts. Nothing bullish on the HUI/Gold ratio.
S&P 500 Vs. Gold (Aka Amigo No.1); A Closer Look At Risk
Bear players want to scare you to death and bull players want to greed you up.
EC You Buy The Fear In Gold
The surest way to spot a gold promoter, if he is not pumping inflation, is his pitch for gold as a disaster hedge.
A Macro (Amigos) Update For Mid-Summer
The advice here continues to be to tune out the noise about the curve heading toward inversion and how recessions follow inverted yield curves.
Precious Metals Summer Potential
Let’s only anticipate a summer rally in the gold sector and tune out the cheerleaders, who will be coming out of the woodwork after running for cover per this recent HGNSI reading.
Gold Miners/Copper Miners Ratio Is Interesting
Miners of a counter-cyclical metal are doing better than miners of a cyclical metal in June.
3 Amigos (SPX/Gold, Long-Term Yields & Yield Curve) Updated
The risk is still ‘on’ in cyclical asset markets by this measure and an important macro fundamental consideration for gold and gold stocks is not in place.
A Bull In A China Shop
Various sectors took hits on Friday as Trump moved forward with Tariffs on China. But most of those sectors and industries are follow-on aspects of the economic cycle, which got its start when the early bird chirped in early 2013.
Inflation Trade, In Progress Since Gold Kicked It Off In Q1 2016
As I listened to Mr. Powell speak about inflation yesterday my mind wandered back to Q1 2016 as I thought about the Fed trying to manage inflation at or around 2%.
1 to 16 of 1393 Posts
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