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Bonds And Related Indicators- June 26
The weekly US bond view sees what could be a bullish Ascending Triangle in Investment Grade. A breakout to new highs would target 125 at a minimum. Junk, while still on a bullish long-term trend, needs a rest.
Hedgers Net Short The Euro, U.S. Market Rotates; 2 Horsemen Set To Ride?
What would the implications be if the Euro fades as expected and Uncle Buck rides with the Gold/Silver ratio later this summer?
Bonds And Related Indicators
The target for TLT continues to be around 129. Treasury bonds are in bull trends.
Gold’s “Bearish Bulls” Addressed, Now What?
The gold sector continues to await the proper alignment of the largest planets; gold vs. stocks, a waning of economic viability and by association, a decline in confidence. Let’s not belabor the point; these elements are not yet in place.
Gold Miners In 2017 Whipsaw
Be patient gold bugs. Tune out the perma-pom pom promoters and do good, diligent work and things may well set up just fine and one day, much better than fine.
Currencies, And Some 'Out There' Thoughts On Inflation, Stocks, Gold And Miners
Uncle Buck’s index is weak and the SMA 50 is crossing below the SMA 200.
An Update On Commodities
The above is just a daily snapshot and right now if I were to be anything in commodities, it would be short.
Tax Reform And The 'Repatriation' Trade
Trump needs to get tax reform right because we appear to be in a shift from the monetary to the fiscal (and the Fed is in monetary policy abdication mode).
A Look At The Silver/Gold Ratio, Inflation/Deflation And The Yield Curve
Will the next turn up in the yield curve be inflationary or of the deflationary liquidation variety? That will likely be determined by what nominal yields are doing at the time.
HUI's Looking Haggard These Days, But...
Important considerations for the gold sector will be bond yields and the risk ‘on’ trade’s blow-off status, from which the economy and public confidence may take their cues.
The Technical Big Picture, Updated
Every once in a while we trot out the monthlies so we can refresh the big picture view. So, here they are on a few varied items.
Stock Market Sentiment, Re-Fueled Along The Way
As the VIX chart shows, the end of the bull market could be out on the horizon. We just don’t know, and that is all part of the risk profile.
Silver Giving Way?
My only short position: silver, which told me to keep holding short (position increased last week) and so far that is working out.
This political theater is an excuse for the issues of the last month to unwind. It’s best to filter the hype of the moment in the news down to a little murmur.
Bonds: This Just In...
We highlighted the contrary bullish bond play right here at TalkMarkets back on December 6. Now it appears it won't be long before it goes the other way, as the media have begun to talk bullish. Wash, rinse, repeat...
U.S. Stock Market And Gold, Post Tomahawks And MOAB
The market became disappointed over the lack of Healthcare reform, got spooked by bombs and then yesterday got the Mnuchin tax reform jawbone for a pop the other way. It’s all noise.
1 to 16 of 1331 Posts
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