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"When The Pig Tops"
Check your bias and assumptions at the door and have a plan for the counter-cyclical activity that will crop up either sooner or later, either above or below the 2410 target for the S&P 500.
Look At This Cash Equivalent Rocket Ship!
T Bills are a good storage vessel for cash in my opinion.
1st 100 Days Since Election... Bullish, Right?
Keeping talk of measured targets (SPX 2410 for example) and sentiment (over bullish but perhaps not yet bull-killer extreme) out of it, just the raw expanded data alone continue to advise caution.
Medical Devices And Healthcare Since He (Trump) Said "Pharma"
I’ve taken profits on the overbought IHI along with components BSX and WAT, while still holding MDT for a possible gap fill and date with the SMA 200.
Stocks And Gold; The Next Opportunity
We are approaching a point that we’ve awaited since last summer. That would be a top (of some kind) in the US stock market and a confirmed new bull phase in counter-cyclical gold.
Moving Targets: Investors Need To Discriminate!
2017 is a year that investors will need to discriminate, first and foremost against their own internal bias and secondarily against a market that is grinding out discrete directions week by week.


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Bond Yields Are Crashing
1 day ago

And to think, anyone could have foreseen (and bought) this story some time ago...

In this article: TYX, TNX
Stock Market Today: Remain Diligent At Managing Risk
2 days ago

Good points. Risk management is always in style.

In this article: SPX
Am I The Only Nervous One?
12 days ago

To answer your title's question, no sir you are not...

If you are not nervous - or at least cautious and managing risk - you are part of a massive and dumb herd.

The 46-Year Record Of Platinum-Gold Ratios
19 days ago

Good job here Mickey. The interplay of the various precious metals tells so much about valuation, the economy, the market's mood, etc.

In this article: PPLT, GLD
Learning To Prosper In Silver
22 days ago

Why oh why do so many people waste their time with manipulation theories? All markets are manip'd, including silver. Deal with it or don't play.

In this article: SLV
Is This The Best Way To Profit From The Electric Car Boom? (SPONSORED POST)
23 days ago

I dummy-proofed the Lithium trade by buying the Global-X fund LIT. But that is far from a pure play on Lithium, and so I'd like to explore some individual suppliers.

In this article: LIXXF
Harry Dent: Stocks Will Fall 70-90% Within 3 Years
25 days ago

Good old Harry will eventually be right some day, I suppose.

Dow 20,000: Real Or Memorex?
26 days ago

We will not be a role model for long if this keeps up. But the people will see to it that this is set right.

Smart Shoppers Like Sales: Ross And Costco
1 month ago

Appreciate the forward-looking aspect of this and the caution on the current valuations.

In this article: COST, ROST
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Gary Tanashian Commented on Stock Market Today: Remain Diligent at Managing Risk:

Good points. Risk management is always in style.

Gary Tanashian Commented on Am I the Only Nervous One?:

To answer your title's question, no sir you are not...

If you are not nervous - or at least cautious and managing risk - you are p...

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