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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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E Interest Rates Are Not A Leading Indicator
There are many leading indicators that are more reliable than interest rates. Compared to GDP, only a weak case is made that interest rates are a leading indicator at all.
E The Teetering State Of Retail
Mixed signals in retail show the economy is close to recession. Layoffs are not the only sign of weakness.
E Top Ten Reasons Self Driving Cars Are Useless
Would you buy a car that stops when it feels like doing so, at your peril? Would you buy a car that makes you less attentive, which puts you at greater risk? Self Driving auto inventors apparently want the gullible public to buy dangerous cars.
E This Is What Jamie Dimon Wants From Housing
Jamie Dimon says the mortgage market is sick. Read about what he wants out of the housing market as we approach 10 years from the big credit crisis past.
E Stock Markets Fear The Fed More Than War
The stock market does not fear nuclear war. It fears a Fed not responsive to its every need, but does not care about nuclear war. There are two solid reasons for this.
E Scott Sumner's 15-Minute Macroeconomics Lesson
What is important in understanding the field of macroeconomics?
E Why Delaware Exists
In an age in which governments are strapped for revenue, know that corporations are withholding tax payments that could potentially streamline government services and improve your roads.
E Brexit: Impact On City Of London
A fifth of total banking activity in the entire world is booked in the UK. Derivatives and clearing houses and OTC trading is centered in London; how will Brexit affect the City of London?
E Henry Kissinger Schools Mercantilist Trump About Reserve Currency
Most of Trump's advisers are mercantilists. It will be necessary to watch the impact they have on Donald Trump's efforts to make "America great again" in the age of the American reserve currency.
E Does Donald Trump Want A Financial Depression?
The disturbing issue for me is that the Austrian Economists who are influencing the administration do not believe that a financial depression is that big of a deal. The concept of the strong dollar under Trump also has to be addressed.
E Fed And Trump Fail The Eurodollar Market
The Eurodollar market is all about US dollars. It is being starved of liquidity, which will hurt US trade. It could cause the dollar to rise as dollar shortages become the norm worldwide.
E Unstable Repos And The London Connection
Repo fails are a sign of financialism gone bad. London is the seat of this financialization, which generates wild profits while the real economies of the western world continue to languish. Jeffrey P. Snider's look into repo fails is quite revealing.
E It's A Good Thing That Trump Is Asking About Strong Or Weak Dollar
An easy money housing bubble surely would result in a crash, a strong dollar, and a certain decline in exports unless the Fed turns over a new leaf.
E Fed Must Stay Independent By Bailing Out The People
There are many frustrated people in the USA. Many point to the Fed as being a cold hearted organization which shows no compassion towards the common man. That reaction is the real face of populism. As a result sound economics is not always preserved.
E Scarcity And The Hoarding Of Bonds As Gold In Repo
The pressing question regarding the repo markets centers on collateral demand and scarcity. How much real and potential demand is there for sovereign bonds, used as collateral for all sorts of financial markets?
E A Great Depression Lesson For Our Time
The lesson of the Great Depression is that monetary policy can wreak havoc with the real economy. Popping bubbles, while contributing to the economic well being of the nation, must be monitored carefully to protect capital formation.
1 to 16 of 126 Posts
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