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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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E The Great Artificial Intelligence Bubble And Scam
Scams often result in financial bubbles popping, with investors losing a lot of money. Beware of the Artificial Intelligence scam. Read what experts have said about the limitations of artificial intelligence.
E Tim Duy: Stocks Won't Crash; Look For These Indicators
Labor is too weak. Yet the Fed believes labor is strong. Earnings growth could slide if labor gets any weaker.
E Repo Watch Looking For The Next Economic Crisis
Repo watching is an important economic indicator. If repos don't roll over, credit freezes up. It is sort of like looking at a giant glacier, waiting for the big collapse on the edges.
E Kashkari Reveals Dark Secret Fed Plan For Wages
The dark secret of the Fed which reveals the inner working of the Fed, and its motives, can be seen through the charts. Also, a study made by Matthew Yglesias and a comment on disposable income reveal a disturbing result of Fed policy.
E Tim Duy's Fascinating Take On The State Of The Economy
Tim Duy proves the tepid nature of the current recovery. How will that recovery continue based upon observing his instructional charts?
E Amazon's Jeff Bezos Doesn't Understand Female Shoppers
While it may seem like a bold statement, that Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos does not understand women shoppers, the truth is, in some areas he doesn't.
E Trump And The Big Renewable Energy Effort
The Paris Accord seeks to reduce global temperatures by a paltry 1.8 degrees. We have to look more into the concept of permanent job creation and loss.
E Trade Deficits, Trump Tirades, Paris Accords
Trump's economic nationalism and worry over trade deficits could hurt America, but the Paris Accords threaten many jobs worldwide.
E Fiat Money, Helicopter Drops, Zuckerberg And The Big Myth
How do we weigh the debate about money, whether it is fiat or something else? This question has been at the forefront of economic debate since President Richard M. Nixon took US currency off of the gold standard.
E Helicopter Money, Not Bond Destruction, Must Replace Debt Forgiveness
Bonds could not be retired until and unless a substitute could be found for them in the financial markets. That is just reality.
E Fed VP Williamson Destroys Inflation Hawks
Fed VP Stephen Williamson skewers the inflation hawks. He mentions holding bonds for reasons other than yield and provides us with still more insights about the workings of the economy, speaking to CPI and PEC measurements.
E Fed Choice: Destroy Stocks Or Destroy Housing
If we are to believe reports regarding stocks and the housing market, the Fed could be in a box. It could destroy stocks, or destroy the housing market depending on which way interest rates go.
E Where Does Japan's Economy Stand?
Is the Japanese economy sustainable? So far, monetary policy has proven successful, with help wanted signs out everywhere. What can monetary policy do to continue the boom?
E Should Cable TV Fear AT&T DirecTV Now?
AT&T is hot on the heels of cable TV. Do they have the right stuff to compete?
E Interest Rates Are Not A Leading Indicator
There are many leading indicators that are more reliable than interest rates. Compared to GDP, only a weak case is made that interest rates are a leading indicator at all.
E The Teetering State Of Retail
Mixed signals in retail show the economy is close to recession. Layoffs are not the only sign of weakness.
1 to 16 of 140 Posts
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