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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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E Fed And Trump Fail The Eurodollar Market
The Eurodollar market is all about US dollars. It is being starved of liquidity, which will hurt US trade. It could cause the dollar to rise as dollar shortages become the norm worldwide.
E Unstable Repos And The London Connection
Repo fails are a sign of financialism gone bad. London is the seat of this financialization, which generates wild profits while the real economies of the western world continue to languish. Jeffrey P. Snider's look into repo fails is quite revealing.
E It's A Good Thing That Trump Is Asking About Strong Or Weak Dollar
An easy money housing bubble surely would result in a crash, a strong dollar, and a certain decline in exports unless the Fed turns over a new leaf.
E Fed Must Stay Independent By Bailing Out The People
There are many frustrated people in the USA. Many point to the Fed as being a cold hearted organization which shows no compassion towards the common man. That reaction is the real face of populism. As a result sound economics is not always preserved.
E Scarcity And The Hoarding Of Bonds As Gold In Repo
The pressing question regarding the repo markets centers on collateral demand and scarcity. How much real and potential demand is there for sovereign bonds, used as collateral for all sorts of financial markets?
E A Great Depression Lesson For Our Time
The lesson of the Great Depression is that monetary policy can wreak havoc with the real economy. Popping bubbles, while contributing to the economic well being of the nation, must be monitored carefully to protect capital formation.
E Lonergan Stops Rogoff Extremism With Dual Interest Rates
Lonergan would not penalize people who got cash out of the bank, but just give an incentive to those who chose to to deposit it. Even bank reserves and digital cash (bank deposits) would not have to have the same rates.
E Fake Inflation Expectations Meet Good And Bad Inflation
Learning about inflation expectations as an indicator can help investors decide a way forward. Good inflation and bad inflation should also be recognized and evaluated based on the 1970's and on desires for a quick fix to things by our new POTUS.
E Dr. Lambert's Effective Demand Recession Indicator
There is much that serious students of economics will find useful as they continue to study Edward Lambert's effective demand breakthroughs. Predicting recessions can be a complex endeavor.
E Will Rogers Knew Trickle Up Won't Increase Money Velocity
Traditional money theory posits that the velocity of money increases if interest rates rise. But Will Rogers understood that money trickles up, not down.
E How To Track The Trump Housing Bubble
Some things will have to change in order for a housing bubble to occur under Donald Trump. This may not be an exhaustive guide to tracking a potential housing bubble but certainly could help many do so.
E John Mauldin Discusses What Could Go Wrong
John Mauldin published an article about the economics of Donald Trump. I share many of his views. The article deserves to be discussed further.
E Top Ten Reasons The Fed Raises Interest Rates When There Is No Inflation
Why would the Fed raise interest rates where there is little inflation? This is an important question to ask, because the Fed is tightening rates while tax revenue is down and while any tightening could throw the nation into recession.
E Trump May Shrink Shipping And Air Shipping Capacity Utilization
Regardless of what happens, trade wars or manufacturing going to the shores of the consumers, none of this appears to be encouraging toward the shipping and air freight companies going forward. However shipping fleet inventory is under control.
E Larry Kudlow's Strange Views About Inflation
So, on the supply side, we have low rates being a drag on deals and loans. And on the demand side, we have a consumer who is wary. You can't make people borrow money.
E Donald Trump Cannot Increase Aggregate Demand
The plan now is to cut taxes, mainly for rich people and corporations, and use private business to create infrastructure with that tax break. This infrastructure will be owned by the corporations that fund it.
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