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I have published on two other prominent financial websites, (as Gary A) and at I muckrake the banking system and found premeditated causes for the housing bubble and subsequent meltdown. I am married with 4 grown children.

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E Will Canadian Boycott Start With Kentucky Whiskey?
While we hope things don't get so bad in Canada with trade tariffs that boycotts are needed, certainly they are a tool that could bring restraint to out of control governments. Boycotts can work and are patriotic. But they should be a last resort.
E Trump May Be Wrong About Winning A Trade War
The consumer in America may no longer be wealthy enough to withstand a major trade war. China and other nations have consumers who consume better quality products. Isolationism breeds war.
E Caterpillar Confirms Kalecki's Historical Truth About The Business Cycle
If America cannot finance technology, coupled with the inability to finance new factories for industrial production, then the economy will lose steam and could have another major setback.
E Trump Gives Russia Amazing Leverage Over The Oil Market
The relentless sanctions against Russia and attack on oil prices by the west, seem to be pushing others like Saudi Arabia into the Russian camp. The Saudis are tired of low oil prices and the game the globalists are playing.
E The Waymo Tesla Self Driving Con
In this article, the technology that is required to really make a car self driving is explored. I believe the reader will be shocked at the high bar that is necessary to achieve self driving lift off.
E Fed's Andolfatto, Powell, And The Secret Goal Of The Fed
What is the real goal of the Fed? It may surprise many, but creating a foolproof system for insiders is key to understanding its experimental behavior.
E Donald Trump Was Elected By Farmers And They Are Worried
Farmers believe they put Donald Trump in office, yet Trump is favoring industry ahead of agriculture.
E Trump Fail; Tourism Declines In USA
Charts prove that tourism in the USA is declining. With the natural wonders our nation possesses, and world travel up, only a buffoon could mess up this industry.
E Clever Fed Plan May Destroy Demand
Companies want stock inflation without increased prosperity and wage inflation. That protects the value of stocks, and bond values at the same time. The threat of the Fed liquidating stocks to protect bonds is ever present.
E The Fed Will Take The Stock Market Down
There is a warning from Tim Duy that the Fed views inflation as being in the danger zone. This does not mean the Fed is right; it does not mean the Fed is wrong. But it means the Fed will likely take down the stock market.
E Bond Vigilantes, Liberty Street Fed Collateral Study, And Art Cashin
With the decline of asset backed collateral, like MBSs, interest rate collateral has taken over and is the largest derivative market. If that collateral fails on a massive scale, all hell really could break loose.
E Corporate Debt As Economic Indicator: Jesse Colombo
As a percentage of GDP, corporate debt has a perfect track record of predicting recessions since the early 1980's.
E Ron Feldman's Fed Secret And Treasury Bond Behavior
Bank bonds, especially TBTF bank bonds are safe and risk free, because the Fed will protect them as a matter of policy. So says Ron Feldman of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank.
E Kalecki's End Of The Business Cycle; Bond Wars
Manufacturing investment decline coupled with a commercial real estate bubble that could constrain retail investment are a double dose of potentially bad news. It could be that the business cycle's days are numbered.
E Did Goldman Sachs Have Anything To Do With Market Volatility?
Did Goldman Sachs facilitate the volatility we are seeing in stocks and bonds?
E Trump Tax Cuts And Yellen's New Normal
This discussion will get to trump's tax cuts and how they fit in with the present day financial situation. But first it is necessary to report on Janet Yellen.
1 to 16 of 159 Posts
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