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Financial Velociraptor is intended as entertainment and education.  Your head velociraptor “retired” early from the corporate grind at age 40 on 5OCT2012 to trade equities full time.  He loves his new life and wants to help as many people as possible break the shackles of ... more

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Friday Income Investing
REITs are one my favorite income centric investments. These companies have taken a tax election that allows them to exempt themselves from federal income tax in exchange for making large distributions of operating cash flow to shareholders.
Income Opportunity Of The Week
Two bonds that were recently purchased at a discount to par.
The Income Opportunity With Pipelines
This is a discussion of what has changed in the MLP space.
Fixed Income Opportunity Of The Week
The Fed is in tightening mode.The benchmark 10 year treasury yield closed yesterday at 3.19%.The rate could realistically rise over 4% in the near term.
Fixed-Income Opportunity Of The Week
The company gushes free cash flow but the stock is a little beaten up after taking on debt to return cash to shareholders.
Option Trading For Income CVS
I wrote a put on CVS.
Friday Fixed Income - September 14th 2018
Update discounted bonds.
Option Trades: LRCX, SWKS, BX, HCLP
Four positions expired over the weekend.
Friday Fixed Income - September 7th 2018
Five companies with toxic debt situations.
Options Trades: GRUB, ABBV, SWKS, EPD, VNOM
Three positions expired over the weekend and two more were opened.
Financial Transparency As Of 31AUG2018
Each month, I break down my finances and financial progress.This serves primarily to keep me accountable.I hope it also helps others see the power of an income centric approach to early retirement investing.
Friday Fixed Income - August 24, 2018
New closed end funds.
Monday, August 20 Option Trades
Multiple positions expired over the weekend. Shares in Match Group (MTCH) were called away at 46.Shares in Ford Motor Company (F​) (held short) were put away at 10.
Friday Fixed Income - August 17, 2018
Today, I’m going to show you a another way to profit from bond research. I'm also sharing a new high conviction idea driven by a disconnect between share prices and bond pricing.
Friday Fixed Income
New closed end funds.
Friday Fixed Income, August 3, 2018
On Friday’s I like to cover the fixed income investing universe. My favorite way to invest here is by buying corporate high yield bonds that are selling at a steep discount to par that I think will either mature or liquidate at a fair price.
1 to 16 of 18 Posts
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