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Edwin G. Dolan holds a PhD in economics from Yale University. He has taught in the United States at  Dartmouth College, the University of Chicago, George Mason University and Gettysburg College. From 1990 to 2001, he taught in Moscow, Russia, where he and his wife founded the American ... more

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3 hours ago
(Trigger warning!) Opioids and the job market https://t.co/74mRLD12lw
5 hours ago
Simple math shows why voter fraud searchers will find many false positives https://t.co/vg938vVS4y
17 hours ago
Corruption, Thy name is 'Lobby'. Seems a drug Co can buy a Sen or Rep for less than price of one dose!!! https://t.co/1AUAJ2QBGM via khnews
17 hours ago
Who Knew Senate Health Bill Debate Could Be So Complicated? https://t.co/p50dHxRPIr via khnews
1 day ago
WSJ: Electric cars are far from competitive but a carbon tax would help https://t.co/6v9AEDuhbg https://t.co/OrIzInWyo3
2 days ago
Jimmy Carter predicts US will eventually have single-payer healthcare system https://t.co/Y8YPJ5jlY8
2 days ago
John Goodman's great questions on healthcare. (Obviously, single payer would answer all of them.) https://t.co/bdqKzoR8dD
2 days ago
Poland’s president unexpectedly intervenes to protect independent courts https://t.co/N0DjukT7TT
2 days ago
Lack of funding undermines Russia's efforts to control its growing HIV epidemic https://t.co/Nj4MUL9DHT
2 days ago
Jimmy Carter says he favored Medicare for all while President, thinks single payer will eventually come to US https://t.co/Jede0jcHBv