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Potential Scenarios In The Ongoing Trade Conflict
This week, the talk among market participants has been about trade and the ongoing trade conflict between the United States and China. The two are the biggest economies in the world with their combining GDP being almost $30 trillion.
Dow Falls As Trade Conflict Continues
This week, the Dow has lost almost 500 points which represents a value of tens of billions of dollars.
USD/JPY Pair Falls As Trade War Kicks Off
Then USD/JPY is often regarded as a safe haven currency because of the vast foreign holdings Japan has. As the pair has fallen, it has crossed the important support of 110.2.
Trade, Angela Merkel, And Central Banks
This week, the focus will largely be on OPEC, trade, and key economic data.
Euro Drops As ECB Extends Quantitative Easing Program
Early today, the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released the employment numbers for the month of May. The unemployment rate in the country fell to 5.4%, which is the lowest level since 2012.
What To Expect In Today’s Fed Meeting
The meeting comes at an important period for the markets. Recent data shows that the inflation has reached the 2% level targeted by the Fed.
Why The Dollar Index Might Turn Lower After Fed Decision
The dollar index is currently trading at $93.91. This index measures the performance of the dollar compared with its major peers including the euro, pound, yen, and Swiss Franc.
Germany Business Sentiment Falls To Lowest Level Since 2012
The ZEW German current conditions for June declined to 80.6 from last month’s 85. This was the lowest the index has been since April last year.
As Russian Supply Falls, Wheat Could Continue Moving Up
Wheat is currently trading at $514 a tonne. This is close to the highest level since July last year.
Week Ahead: Busy Week As Geopolitics And Central Banks To Remain On Focus
If the meeting comes out fine, the global stocks markets – especially those in Asia will likely move up. The Japanese Yen is likely to fall as investors exit the so-called safe haven.
Weekly Review: Uncertainty Ahead Of The G7 Meeting
Trade was a major point of discussion this week as the leaders of the world’s 7 largest economies meet in Quebec, Canada.
Why Gold Could Head To The Resistance Level Of $1310
Gold has been in use as a means of exchange for more than 2000 years. In all the major religious and historical books, the role of gold as an important and precious metal has been prominent.
Top Global Risks Traders Need To Know About This Year
This year is turning out to be an interesting one for the financial markets. When it started, optimism around the world was rising.
Why Natural Gas Could Head Higher After The Recent Downturn
Today, natural gas is trading at $2.90. This is a 3.5% low from where the commodity started the year at. In the past three months, it has attempted to gain, soaring from a low of $2.5.
Aussie Little Changed As RBA Leaves Rates Unchanged
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) concluded its meeting today and – as expected – left interest rates unchanged at 1.5%. As a result, the Australian dollar was little moved against the dollar.
As The Largest Producers Coordinate, Cocoa Could Shoot Higher
Cocoa is an important agricultural commodity used in the manufacture of chocolate bars, candy, and other products. As the global population has grown, so has the demand for cocoa-made products.
1 to 16 of 984 Posts
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