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Yohay Elam has been into forex trading for over 5 years, and shares the experience and the knowledge accumulated after taking a short course about forex. Like many forex traders, Elam has earned the significant share of his knowledge the hard way. Macroeconomics, the impact of news on the ... more


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EUR/USD Forecast Feb. 27 – Mar. 3
EUR/USD had a relatively balanced week, dipping to the downside but never going too far. The upcoming week is packed with PMI data, inflation figures and more.
EUR/USD: Oscillating Amid Counterintuitive Reaction To Data; Positioning Key Driver
EUR/USD has not always provided the “correct” reaction to economic data releases. What does it mean?
EUR: Twists & Turns In French Elections; EUR/USD Remains A S/T Sell
EUR/USD got a lift from Francois Bayrou’s decision to ally himself with Emmanuel Macron rather than stand in the French presidential contest himself.
Donald Disillusion: Dollar Sells Off Across The Board
After the upbeat FOMC meeting minutes failed to boost the greenback, the second wave of selling is seen in the following US session. The release of the weekly jobless claims seems to serve as an excuse or the trigger for a bit more of selling off.
FOMC Minutes And The Next Rate Hike – 3 Opinions
The FOMC meeting minutes were relatively upbeat, seeing the glass half full regarding the economy, but the dollar failed to rally. When will we see the next hike?
EUR: Staying Tactically Short For Next 2 Month Targeting A Retest Of 1.0340 – TD
EUR/USD is getting used to a lower range, around 1.05. Can it fall even further?
US Dollar Unable To Rally Despite Upbeat Minutes
The Federal Reserve opens the door to rate hike in March by saying it can happen "fairly soon". This is data-dependent and not a commitment. Nevertheless, the members of the FOMC are relatively positive.
EUR/USD: En-Route To Parity; USD/JPY En-Route To 128 – BNPP
“The most significant change to our economic forecasts this quarter is that we have added a third rate hike to our Federal Reserve profile. Our economists now anticipate Fed hikes in May, September and December of 2017,” BNPP argues.
GBPUSD has been repeatedly consolidating near the 1.2400 – 1.2440 handle but the recent break out to the upside from here and from the triangle pattern indicates a continuation to the upside, with the next target seen at 1.2600.
GBP/USD: Trading The UK Second Estimate GDP
UK Second Estimate GDP, one of the most important economic releases, is published each quarter. GDP measures production and growth of the economy and is considered by analysts as one the most important indicators of economic activity.
EUR/USD closed with a small bodied candlestick yesterday coming off the inside bar from Friday. A bearish break down from last Thursday’s low of 1.0591 could signal near term declines towards 1.0551.
Greenback Comeback As Harker Talks About A Hike In March
FOMC member Harker talked about the option of raising rates in March. He joins a growing chorus of Federal Reserve officials that do not rule a Spring hike, with some supporting this option with a full throat.
EUR/USD: A Deja Vu Of 2005-07 But Little Benefit In Long EUR N-Term – Credit Suisse
EUR/USD is drifting downwards once again, pulled by USD strength. What’s next?
EUR/USD: A Deja Vu Of 2005-07 But Little Benefit In Long EUR N-Term – Credit Suisse
EUR/USD is drifting downwards once again, pulled by USD strength. What’s next?
CAD: Are Markets Wearing Rose Colored Glasses? Where To Target USD/CAD?
It’s unlikely that the BoC moves this year, and a reduction in pricing should see CAD weaken in the months ahead.
EUR: 2 Important Themes In Play: Impact On EUR/USD Direction – Nomura
EUR/USD seems to hug the 1.06 level. What’s next?
1 to 16 of 1189 Posts
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