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Perhaps more than any other time in the last six decades, the fate of markets is inextricably intertwined with the ebb and flow of geopolitics. From the ECB's attempts to use the central bank's balance sheet to influence political outcomes across the eurozone to Saudi Arabia's ... more


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‘The Fed Is Destroying Money’: Revisiting The ‘Flow’ Versus ‘Stock’ Debate At A Critical Juncture
Some analysts lean demonstrably in favor of the notion that the “flow” matters much more than the “stock”.
Preventing Another ‘Armageddon’: Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner Warn On Deficits, Regulation Rollback, Populism
Special criticism was reserved for the anomalous fiscal path the Trump administration has put America on.
Morgan Stanley Is The New Goldman: James Gorman Celebrates Another Blowout Quarter
Another quarter, another impressive beat from Morgan Stanley.
For Oil, Volatility Is ‘The New Normal’, Goldman Says
The bank expects Brent to trade in a $70-80/bbl range.
Fatal Attraction? Mind This ‘Very Tight Relationship’ In Volatility Risk Premia
As things stand currently, the market seems to oscillate between viewing a trade war as inflationary or deflationary.
Deutsche Bank Understandably Excited To Give You News That Isn’t Totally Bad, But Count Everyone Skeptical
When it comes to Deutsche Bank and their never-ending quest to “turn it around”, any good news is welcome even if there are a lot of caveats and fine print.
To Hell(sinki) And Back: Full Week Ahead Preview
This is the usual cocktail of geopolitical risk and Fed watching, with a dash of Brexit for bad measure.
All Quiet On The Western Front
Western financial markets have remained relatively resilient in the face of the trade tensions, depending on which markets you’re looking at and how you define “resilient”.
Here’s How Much Gas Prices Would Have To Rise To Wipe Out The Trump Tax Cuts
The harder the line the Trump administration takes on Iran, the more upward pressure on prices there’s likely to be and the SPR news indicates that Trump is well aware of the potential for prices at the pump to rise headed into the midterms.
Here’s What 58 Fund Managers With A Quarter Trillion In AUM Expect For Trade And The Fed
Market participants have been reluctant to come to terms with the increasingly fraught backdrop for global trade this year.
‘It’s Now More Likely Than Not’: Goldman Raises Odds Of Further Escalations In Trade War
The tariff issue is 75% political leverage and 25% “real”.
Institutional Investors Are ‘Enthusiastic About All Things American’ (But They Do Doubt The Fed)
The problem is not the U.S. rather the problem is the rest of the world.
Why The Fed Will Be Forced To Halt QT Early And Expand The Balance Sheet In 2020, According To Morgan Stanley
The longer the current U.S. expansion drags on, the more obsessed the market becomes with curve inversion.
Inflation Hits New Six-Year High, Despite Marginally Missing Estimates
U.S. CPI is the headline data release this week and it comes on the heels of the weaker-than-expected AHE print that accompanied the June jobs report on Friday.
Loving You Is Risky: One Bank’s ‘Risk-Love’ Indicator ‘Collapses’ Into ‘Panic’ Territory
When it comes to Asian and emerging market equities, there’s no shortage of pessimism.
'If OPEC Survives, It Will Be Without Iran': As Saudi Arabia’s Oil Production Surges, Analysts Ponder The Future
The cartel sees non-OPEC oil supply next year growing 2.1 mb/d for an average 61.64 mb/d.
1 to 16 of 1390 Posts
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