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Perhaps more than any other time in the last six decades, the fate of markets is inextricably intertwined with the ebb and flow of geopolitics. From the ECB's attempts to use the central bank's balance sheet to influence political outcomes across the eurozone to Saudi Arabia's ... more


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January All Over Again?
Midway through last month, as emerging markets crumbled amid the collapse of the Turkish lira, it became abundantly clear that the dollar needed to take a breather if U.S. equities were going to escape unscathed from the latest bout of EM weakness.
In Europe, Credit Investors Search For A Liquidity Oasis
According to a sweeping new piece from BofAML, credit investors are worried about liquidity.
Is Janet Yellen Just Trolling Donald Trump Now?
Donald Trump has lamented the fact that relatively hawkish Fed policy is indirectly helping America’s trade partners weather the tariff storm.
This Hasn’t Happened In 10 Years: S&P 500 Buybacks Edition
Who could have seen this coming? For the first time in a decade, buybacks account for the biggest share of corporate cash use by S&P 500 companies.
Goldman’s Bull/Bear Indicator Hits 49-Year High: Here’s The Whole Story On That
Goldman’s “Bull/Bear Market Risk Indicator” is sitting at its highest level since 1969, and because that sounds scary and also some semblance of authoritative, I guess it means I’ve got to feature it.
Here Is Goldman’s ‘Cross Currents’ List For The S&P This Fall
Goldman expects U.S. stocks to “trade sideways”, at least until the midterms. Their year-end target remains unchanged at 2,850, which is essentially another “sideways” call. For what it’s worth, the bank’s 2019 year-end forecast is 3,000.
Jobs Report Beats And Wage Inflation Is Comin’ In Hot, Folks
The US economy added 201,000 jobs in August in another strong month of hiring.
Here’s What Happens To Stocks If Trump Comes Out Guns Blazin’ With 25% Tariffs On China
Everybody wants to maintain their bullish outlook on U.S. stocks because after all, being bearish on U.S. equities hasn’t exactly paid off this year.
'The Worst Possible Time': Dmitry Medvedev Decides Now Is As Good A Time As Any To Sink His Own Currency
There’s trouble in paradise, and by “paradise”, I mean Russia.
In September, 'A Tale Of Two Halves' For The S&P?
U.S. equities strength is going to be at least partially beholden to the dollar.
Emerging Markets Suffer Fresh Blow As South Africa Falls Into First Recession Since 2009
South Africa is in a recession. Q2 GDP fell an annualized 0.7% QoQ, missing estimates and confounding all but one economist surveyed by Bloomberg ahead of the report.
King Dollar Versus The Anti-Poles
A broad consensus has emerged that the dollar needs to take an extended breather if ex-U.S. risk assets are going to have any hope of stabilizing.
In Argentina: 'Emergency'
The market doesn’t seem convinced that the measures announced on Monday are going to cut it. Liquidity is thinner than usual due to Labor Day, but the peso traded through 38 after closing at 36.85 on Friday.
Turkey’s Crisis Spirals As Inflation Surges, Producer Prices Rise ‘Appalling’ 32%
Well, August inflation data for Turkey is out and as expected, the news isn’t great.
September Of The Flying Pigs
Depending on who you listen to, September is either ripe for a continuation of the record rally in U.S. equities or a potential minefield.
EC Mark Your Calendar, The ‘Era Of Helicopter Money’ In Japan Has A Date
On Friday, the Bank of Japan tweaked their bond buying program for September. Although they upped the purchase sizes across maturities, they reduced the frequency of purchase operations from five to six.
1 to 16 of 1468 Posts
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