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Perhaps more than any other time in the last six decades, the fate of markets is inextricably intertwined with the ebb and flow of geopolitics. From the ECB's attempts to use the central bank's balance sheet to influence political outcomes across the eurozone to Saudi Arabia's ... more


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Here’s What Wall Street Thinks About The Government Shutdown
Based on Barclays’ analysis of previous shutdowns, every week of a shutdown dents growth in the quarter by 0.1pp. And Credit Suisse reassures you that “there is minimal evidence that past shutdowns impacted equity markets, growth or employment
It’s Time For A Little Chat About El Salvadorian Bond Yields
Bloomberg: "The central American nation’s 2019 dollar debt has rallied so much in the past six months that at one point in January it yielded less than 4 percent. That’s the rate you would have got on 10-year U.S. Treasuries just under a decade ago."
Are You Paying Attention To Hong Kong? Because I’m Paying Attention To Hong Kong
This was one hell of a week for Hong Kong shares and especially for the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index which rose a truly a impressive 5.7% on the week.
U.S. Oil Output Set To Overtake Saudi Arabia As Prices Rise Amid ‘Rare Threesome'
As long as capital markets remain wide open thanks to the central bank-inspired hunt for yield, otherwise insolvent U.S. production will never go completely offline no matter how low crude prices fall.
More Records Smashed In Hong Kong As China Data Emboldens Bulls
China didn’t forget to fudge the numbers and sure enough, they came in just as expected with a slight bias towards beating.
Bitcoin: ‘I’m Not Dead Yet!’
January futures expired Wednesday and as the evening wore on stateside, Bitcoin staged a bit of a comeback.
Good News: Customer Service Fixed The Stock Market
Whatever went “wrong” on Tuesday went “right” on Wednesday as stocks surged and the Dow broke above 26,000 again.
'Yesterday Was A Hell Of A Crazy Day’: Online Gold Sales Explode Amid Bitcoin Plunge
The crypto carnage we’ve seen over the last 48 hours has led to a veritable bonanza in gold coin sales.
Everything Was Going Great Until…
A fleeting move higher after the opening bell seemed to suggest U.S. equities were all set to explode to the upside after an exuberant overnight session in Asia.
Goldman’s Commodity Revenue Plunges 75% To All-Time Low
Well, if you were waiting on signs that Goldman is on the verge of turning things around in its struggling commodities unit, you might have to wait a little longer.
Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies Collapse On China, South Korea Jitters: 'They Should Be Prepared To Lose All Their Money'
Well, it’s falling apart for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies again.
Yuan-Na Bet? Germany, France Add Chinese Yuan To Currency Reserves
The PBoC strengthened the yuan fixing by 0.55% (the biggest increase in three months) to 6.4574, the highest since May 2016, propelling the currency to a two-year high.
China Unleashes New Crypto Crackdown After Discovering Sneaky Hobbitses Still Trading
As long as China identifies cryptocurrency trading with capital flight and as long as it’s seen as a risk to social stability, they will not be letting this go.
It’s Over: The Hang Seng’s Record-Breaking Run Snapped On Monday
Headed into Monday, the Hang Seng had risen for 14 consecutive sessions, the longest string of wins since it was launched in 1969.
Stocks In Qatar Dive Most Since Blockade As U.A.E. Says Fighter Jets Intercepted Airliner
Monday’s news did not go over well with Qatari stocks, which quickly erased gains on the way to diving more than 2%.
The World’s Pile Of Negative-Yielding Debt Just Shrunk By $1 Trillion In 8 Days
The global stock of negative-yielding debt is shrinking rapidly in 2018. A hallmark of the post-crisis policy regime, sub-zero yields signaled both investors’ fear of the deflation boogeyman and expectations of continual support from policymakers.
1 to 16 of 1075 Posts
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