In a World of Liars, the Truth Starts Here…
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The harsh reality is that you’re being lied to  every day – over and over again.

Wall Street is lying to you. The talking heads on television are lying to you. Your banker is lying to you. Your local Congressman is lying to you. Even your own broker is lying to you ... more


3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Trading
Trading for a living is tough, and it’s definitely not for everyone. Below are three simple questions to ask yourself to see if you’ve got what it takes to trade for a living.
The 5 Best Ways To Never Make It As A Trader
There are plenty of things that you can do to improve your trading, but now I want to talk about what you should stop doing to improve your trading. Here are some of the common bad habits that keep traders from finding the success they crave.
A Simple Way To Calculate Risk And Reward
Always calculate the potential of every stock trade. It will tell you if the trade is a winning bet or a losing one.
6 Steps To Make Money From Stocks You Don’t Own
Short selling is an investing strategy. You borrow shares of stock from your broker and sell them for a profit. If you want to speculate that a stock’s price will drop, taking a short position can be profitable.
Protecting Your Account From The Unexpected
If you’re going to carry multiple positions in your portfolio, you need to be aware of all catalyst events that might increase your exposure to gap risk.
Approaching Earnings Setups With A Plan
Positive earnings results are poised to snap the broader equity market losing streak this month.


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