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What Happened To Global Crude Inventories And Brent Time Spreads This Week?
Crude time spreads stabilized this week, as did global crude inventories. Watching inventories in the coming weeks will be the key.
Bitcoin Price Prediction: $25K By 2018 And $250K By 2022
The recent downfall in the price of Bitcoin is far from dampening the spirit of investors with the new Bitcoin price prediction 2018 reports churning out almost every day.
Apple's Ban Of Cryptocurrency Mining On Devices
Apple has now banned cryptocurrency mining on their devices with the release of a new set of developer guideline updates.
Tilson On Tesla “the Odds That The Stock Does A Valeant (Meaning “to Collapse By 97%”) Have Risen From 10% To 35%”
Whitney Tilson's latest email to investors on Tesla (TSLA), Google (GOOGL), Facebook (FB) and more.
Why Ethical Investing May Be Harder Than You Think
More and more funds claim to follow an ethical investing, or “ESG”, mandate. Tim Bennett looks at some of the challenges when it comes to finding the right one. Video length 00:08:59.
Will Southeast Asia’s Internet Economy Become A $200 Billion Industry By 2020?
With more than 330 million internet users in Southeast Asia (SEA), various researchers & analysts has highlighted that eCommerce in the region is well on track to become a major industry in the years to come.
Would You Trust This Free Crypto “Broker”?
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are, likewise, launching a criminal probe into cryptocurrency market manipulation.
An Illustrated Glossary Of Cryptocurrency Slang – Whale, HODL, FUD, Bag Holder, REKT And More
To hodl or not to hodl - is that the question? Before you decide whether or not to be a bearwhale, you gotta speak the language.
It Takes A Lot More Than Performance To Get Cash
With a new study showing smaller hedge funds tending to outperform, why do most of the assets under management gravitate to the more considerable funds? The problem is, the more massive funds do not generate the best performance.
Central Bank Cryptocurrencies Debate Rages On
The thought of a central bank cryptocurrency may seem like an oxymoron, but apparently, some countries are looking into the plausibility of creating one. If they become a reality, central bank cryptocurrenciesmay be linked to fiat currencies.
Cambridge Analytica Files Bankruptcy Following Privacy Scandal
News of a Cambridge Analytica bankruptcy has come to light after the political consultancy firm closed its doors due to a lack of business after their alleged role in the Facebook privacy scandal.
Funny How Inflation In 2018 Requires The Fed To Act, But Not In 2012
Given that prices are rising only marginally, and that there is no evidence yet that wages are going to push inflation up much further, one might wonder why the Federal Reserve is so committed to raising interest rates this year.
Warren Buffett Explains Why Berkshire Hathaway Loves Apple So Much
Over the past 24 months, Warren Buffett’s insurance and investing conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, has become one of Apple’s largest shareholders and Apple has become Buffett’s most substantial dollar value investment.
Buffett And Munger On Apple Inc. (AAPL) Investment
At the Berkshire 2018 Conference, Buffett and Munger discussed their discussion in Apple Inc. and whether they approve of the company's buybacks.
Why India’s Online Grocery Battle Is Heating Up
"Indians spend more than 50% of their monthly income on groceries. It’s a must-capture space for all retailers, be it offline or online."
Many Cryptos Will Die But Blockchain Will Reign Supreme
Crypto assets are as popular as a fox at a hen party. And most – the vast majority – of crypto assets deserve to die… like most internet companies nearly a quarter of a century ago.
1 to 16 of 2082 Posts
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