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“Black Friday” Turns Into “Strike Friday” For Amazon Workers In Italy, Germany
On one of the busiest shopping days of the year, the biggest online retailer is facing an employee crisis. Hundreds of Amazon workers in Italy and Germany went on strike on Friday, demanding better wages.
Alibaba Affiliate Bans High-Interest Consumers Loan Products
Ant Financial, the financial arm of Alibaba, has barred consumer loans with an annual interest rate above 24% on its Alipay platform.
Higher Oil Prices Slowing Saudi Reform?
In October, the IMF released a report projecting that by 2020 Saudi Arabia may get a budget boost of more than $90 billion from new taxes and the planned reform of fuel subsidies and prices.
(Continental) Europe Outperforms In 2017
While the economies in the euro area have benefited from an uptick in both domestic and global demand, there are risks to the medium-term outlook.
Japan’s Comeback Is Just Getting Started?
The Japanese economy is doing better than it has for years. Its GDP has grown for six consecutive quarters, which is the longest period of sequential growth since the mid-2000s.
European Fixed Income Trading Experiencing Calm Before The (Mifid 2) Storm
When evaluating causation of dwindling volume in European fixed-income electronic trading, the report mused out loud about the potential for the market to have reached its “natural limit.”
Crypto Mania – An-In-Depth Sober Analysis
Bitcoin is really about freedom. Bitcoin is the battle of ideas. It forces the issue of whether people should be as free in their handling of money as they are in their handling of speech or religion.
Morgan Stanley: When Will The Bull Market End?
Trying to predict the end of economic cycles isn’t an easy game, but analysts at Morgan Stanley believe that they have some idea as to the date of the current bull market end.
Corporate Cash Mountain Grows Makes Apple World’s Largest Hedge Fund
According to an analysis by credit rating agency Moody’s, cash and liquid investments at US non-financial companies are poised to rise about 5% to $1.9 trillion at the end of 2017 — a new record.
Amazon Stock Picks Up 2 Price Target Increases Into Black Friday
Shoppers’ eyes will be on Amazon this week because of Black Friday, and most analysts agree that the online retailer is the one to beat.
Dividend Underlying Growth Pushes Payouts To All-Time High
Dividends are now growing at the fastest rate in three years according to Janus Henderson's Global Dividend Index. According to the dividend index, dividends surged 14.5% to $328.1 billion.
Strong Earnings For Small-Cap Cyclicals
In industries as diverse as trucking, water systems manufacture, healthcare equipment, paper and packaging, and RV components, we’ve seen both improved sales and earnings and better-than-expected long-term prospects.
Central Bank Outlook Dominates 2018 Predictions
As we head towards the end of the year, forecasts for 2018 are starting to emerge once again, and the consensus seems to be that the most prominent risk facing markets next year is central bank balance sheet unwinding.
Some Strange Trends Among 2017 Hedge Fund Returns
Hedge fund returns in certain categories are experiencing fat tail correlation and return extremes when compared to players inside a particular category as well as compared to the category average itself.
Rising Consumer Debt: Cracks Are Starting To Appear
When will rising consumer debt start holding back economic growth?
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Q3 F2018 Earnings, Outlook Boost Shares
Walmart posted adjusted earnings of $1 per share on $123.2 billion in sales. Wall Street had been looking for earnings of 97 cents per share on $121.04 billion in revenue.
1 to 16 of 1847 Posts
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