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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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Jim Rogers Warns, The Fed "Has No Clue... Will Ruin Us All"
Rogers slams the 'counterfactual' arguments that things would have been a lot worse if The Fed had not done all this, "propping up zombie banks and dead companies is not the way the world is supposed to work."
Do You Believe In QE Miracles?
You have to believe in miracles to buy now, as Deutsche Bank details, there is a lot of easing already priced in.
Wells CEO Resigns From Fed Advisory Council As Pressure Mounts
Effective today, John Stumpf has resign his position as the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s appointee to the Fed’s Federal Advisory Council.
VIXtermination Trumps Deutsche Damage, Dismal Data; But Stocks End Week Weak
Macro data has fallen 5 of the last 6 weeks...
Jim Grant: "Gold Is An Investment 'In' Monetary Disorder"
Gold isn’t so much a hedge against Armageddon… as it is against monetary shenanigans.
Oil Tumbles After OPEC Fails To Reach Oil Freeze Agreement
The anticlimatic conclusion today after OPEC has failed to reach a new oil supply agreement, but has agreed to appoint a Nigerian candidate for new OPEC secretary general.
"China Yuan Gold Fix Is Part Of A Planned Shift From Dollar": China's Bocom
China's shift to an official local-currency-based gold fixing is "the culmination of a two-year plan to move away from a US-centric monetary system," according to Bocom strategist Hao Hong.
China's Latest Problem: Half A Trillion Dollars In Unpaid Bills
Things have gotten so bad that in 2015 Chinese firms issued $1.2 trillion in new debt just so they could service their existing loans. In other words, China’s entire corporate sector is quickly becoming one giant ponzi scheme.
Peak Oil Price - Saxo Says Downside Risks Dominate Crude Outlook
Crude oil prices "appear to have reached their peak for now," warns Saxo Group's Ole Hanson as he explains there are several reasons why. (Video Length: 00:02:12)
"We're In Trouble": Alan Greenspan Delivers Stark Warning
As far as the US economy is concerned, Greenspan isn’t optimistic. “We’re in trouble basically because productivity is dead in the water…Real capital investment is way below average.
Soros Reveals He Is Short The S&P 500: Warns China Will Have A Hard-Landing, Says "Fed Hike Was A Mistake"
George Soros gave a sweeping interview to Bloomberg TV on Thursday, touching on everything from China to Fed policy to Vladimir Putin to Europe’s worsening refugee crisis.
Nigel Farage Warned Hollande In 2013, EU Warmongery Will Mean "Unending, Unwinnable Misery" For Europe
Nigel Farage warned in 2013 that France and Germany cannot co-exist in the same monetary union and may have prophesied a war against Islam as the economic remedy, a decade long war of 'unwinnable misery'.
Bernanke Says Economy Needs To Crash Periodically So We Can Be Sure We're Pushing It Hard Enough
According to Ben Bernanke, the economy needs to crash every few years to confirm it's being pushed hard enough. Perhaps that logic helps to explain why the FOMC has become a perpetual bubble blowing machine.
The Fed Is Trapped: The Naked Emperor's New "Reaction Function"
The Fed, were it to have hiked on Thursday, would have been tightening into a market where the liquidation of USD assets by foreign central banks was already sapping global liquidity and exerting a tightening effect of its own.
Jim Chanos' Dire Prediction On China: "Whatever You Might Think, It's Worse"
China’s stock market looks to be on the verge of an outright meltdown, and the effort to support the yuan after the devaluation is draining liquidity and tightening money markets, rendering policy rate cuts less effective.
Laszlo Birinyi Projects S&P 3,200 Within 2 Years, Squeaks "It's All Noise, Don't Worry"
Laszlo Birinyi unleashes his latest extrapolation. "If we continue to grow at 11bps per day, the S&P will be at 3,200 within 2 years." (Video Length: 00:01:19)
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