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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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Deutsche Bank Forced To Slash Fixed-Income Research Price By Half On Lackluster Demand
Deutsche Bank AG has halved the price of its fixed-income and macro research as competition mounts in the run-up to Europe’s MiFID II regulations.
German Central Bank Completes Repatriation Of $28 Billion In Gold Three Years Ahead Of Schedule
In 2013, the Bundesbank announced it had managed to repatriate only 37 tonnes of the total 700 scheduled for redemption, further spooking the local population and suggesting that conspiracy theories that the gold was missing were in fact accurate.
Hartford Bankruptcy Looms As CT Gov Admits "We Spent Money On Wrong Things"
Connecticut is one of a handful of US states on the verge of a Greece-style debt-crisis, as it struggles to service some $23 billion in municipal debt, all while lawmakers keep one eye on the state’s unfunded pension liabilities.
Massive PBGC Rate Hikes Force Corporate Debt Binge As Companies Try To Pay Down Pensions
The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, the federal entity that backstops pension obligations when companies default, has enacted massive increases in insurance premiums for operating such plans over the past 5 years.
Japanese Bond Market Volume Collapses To Record Low
The Japanese bond market remains paralyzed with trading volumes hitting record lows as private bondholders no longer dare to even breathe without instructions from the central bank.
So You Wanted To Be "Long Electricity" Into The Eclipse?
Traders betting on a spike in power demand during the eclipse should’ve realized that millions of Americans standing outside staring up at the sun for an hour would have a marked impact on demand too.
Tesla Bonds Are Now Riskier Than Ukraine's
Central bank bond buying has compressed yields in developed markets to unprecedented levels, pushing investors further down the risk spectrum in a hunt for higher returns.
Venezuela Bonds Tumble On Report U.S. To Ban Trading
Venezuela bonds are tumbling after the WSJ reported that the US government was considering a ban on trading in the country's debt.
WTI Algos Uncertain After Gasoline Inventories Draw But Crude Production Surges
Total Crude Oil Inventories dropped to the lowest since Jan 2016... But as is very clear, remains dramatically over-stocked relative to pre-2015 norms.
Stocks Slide After Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Wall Funding, Killing NAFTA
Despite the strong survey data, European stocks traded lower across the board, with the Stoxx Europe 600 Index down 0.2% in early trading. The U.K.’s FTSE 100 Index gained less than 0.05%, while Germany’s DAX Index fell 0.1 percent.
Funds Managing $1.1 Trillion Are Dumping Junk Bonds
Even before Ray Dalio doubled down on his warning that the US has become as dangerously fragmented as during the pre-World War II days of 1937, prompting him to "tactically reduce" risk, some of the biggest names on Wall Street were selling.
Jackson Hole Preview: Market Reactions, And Why UBS Says "Don't Skip Lunch"
The annual Jackson Hole symposium has been a major market-moving event as it has traditionally been the venue where central banks make critical announcements such as Bernanke's preview and hints of QE2 and QE3 in 2012.
WTI Drops After 3rd Weekly Build In Gasoline Inventories
WTI prices were wild heading into the inventory data tonight. Following two weeks of surprising builds in Gasoline inventories, API reports a surprise 3rd weekly build in gasoline inventories, and crude drawing only modestly.
Stocks Surge To Best Day In 4 Months As Warmongery & Tax Talk Trump Debt-Ceiling Doubts
Thanks to The White House saying something de minimus about Tax Reform progress, Nasdaq was the day's best-performer as The Dow had its best day in 4 months.
Norway Government Forces Sovereign Wealth Fund To Buy $100 Billion More In Stocks "To Safeguard The Country's Riches"
Late last year, the Norwegian government ordered its Sovereign Wealth Fund to increase its equity allocation to 70% to try and paper over what’s expected to be a 70 billion kroner ($11.1 billion) drawdown – the first in the fund’s history.
A 3% Drop Is All It Takes...
A 2.8% drop in stocks is all it takes to convert sheer near full euphoria into outright panic.
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