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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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Peso Strengthens After Banxico Hikes Rates For 7th Time In A Row Amid Soaring Inflation
Mexico’s central bank raised borrowing costs for a seventh straight time as the country’s annual inflation rate more than doubled since September.
WTI Crude Tops $43 After More Noise From Saudi 'Officials'
The machines are still programmed to insta-bid on any and every headline from "Saudi officials" it would appear... even if the effects are fading in their efficacy.
Yield Curve Inversion Looms As Jobless Claims Hover Near 44-Year Lows
This morning's jobless claims data (at 240k, near 44 year lows) further confirms the historical pattern that suggests yield curve inversion looms.
Europe Slides For Third Day As Oil Attempts A Rebound; US Futures Flat
US equity futures were marginally in the red, while Asian markets rose and European stocks dropped. WTI oil rose 0.6% to $42.79 as some suggest the time to go long has arrived; oil tumbled 2.3% in the previous session.
Buffett Stuns Market After Berkshire Acquires 38.4% Of Home Capital Group, Provides C$2 Billion Loan
Many market watchers were scratching their heads at why Berkshire would take the reputation risk of having exposure to a company which as recently as a month ago was in the regulator's cross-hairs for peddling "liar loans."
Millennials' Savings Rate Climbs For First Time In A Decade
After almost a decade, Americans may finally be turning the corner on saving money. More than 30 percent of them say they have enough tucked away to cover six months’ worth of expenses—a seven-year high.
Emerging Market 'Risk' Has Never Been Lower, But...
As global central bank exuberance suppresses equity volatility, emerging markets are catching up (or down). Expected uncertainty in Emerging Market Equities has never been lower.
Goldman's New Favorite Trade: Make 25x Your Money If Stocks Drop 7%
Steep vol term structures point to very short- or long-dated calls. As a result, investors should focus on shorter-dated options (1-month) or longer-dated (2-year+) to mitigate the negative rolldown.
"In The Past 12 Years, Only Four Assets Have Underperformed Oil": Deutsche
Oil is now back to levels last seen on September 16th last year and even though we’ve rallied hard since February 2016, Oil has only been lower than this for 6% (188 days) of the time since the start of 2005.
WTI Tumbles To $42, Brent Below $45 As Credit Crashes
High yield energy credit markets are in trouble again, with risk now at its highest level in 7 months.
US Home Prices Surge To Record High As Homebuilder Hope-Reality Gap Largest Ever
Following April's declines across the home sales data (as well as a dip in homebuilder optimism), existing home sales in May surprised positively (up 1.1% versus -0.4% exp) and follows a small upward revision to April's drop.
The ECB Explains Inflation, In One Chart
In the short term, fluctuations in inflation are affected by both domestic and external developments.
Oil Shrugs As Iran Hints At More OPEC Cuts, Admits Surprise At US Shale Production
Somehow they saw US shale increasing production amid higher prices as "unpredictable"? Perhaps that's why the market is unimpressed.
Pound Surges As BOE Chief Economist "Leans Toward" Hiking Rates In 2017
With cable in dire need of some good headlines - and FX traders in dire need of a stop hunt - Haldane has been quite the welcome catalyst. GBP/USD is back up to 1.2688, and EUR/GBP has erased today’s gains and is now at 0.87895.
Oil Bear Market Sends Global Stocks, Yields Sliding; Chinese MSCI Addition Fizzles
S&P futures continued to fall, alongside stock markets in Asia and Europe, while oil prices extended their drop despite a larger than expected draw reported by API on Tuesday.
Bitcoin Surges Back Above $2700 As India "Legalizes" Cryptocurrency
After crashing 30% last week, Bitcoin is now up over 33% in the last few days helped by a surge in demand from India exchanges after the India government ruled Bitcoin as legal in India.
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