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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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New Hedge Fund Fee Structures Reveal Traditional Model On Verge Of Collapse
Nearly a decade ago, Warren Buffett bet Protege Partners, a fund of hedge funds, that over the course of 10 years the S&P would outperform Protege's returns net of all fees, costs and expenses. Guess who won...
Goldman: "The Boost From Lower Taxes Will Now Be Smaller, Occur Later Than Expected"
The key question about Trump's effectiveness now deals with the quantitative aspects of what happens next, starting with tax reform which he said will be his immediate next focus as Obamacare repeal is left indefinitely on the back burner.
Wall Street Explains What Today's Failure To Repeal Obamacare Means For Markets
A breakdown of select sellside analyst reactions to today's events.
VIX Spikes To 2017 Highs, Stocks Suffer Worst Week In 6 Months As GOP Pulls Vote
VIX soared above 14 to 2017 highs... up 6 days in a row and above its 200DMA - then collapsed in the last few minuest to close red!
Dear Fed: This Is Where The Inflation You Are Looking For Is "Hiding"
The BLS' seasonally-adjusted, goalseeked and politically convenientmutant, is now running at a blistering 3.6%, the highest in five years.
'Soft' Data Slammed: US Services, Manufacturing PMIs Plunge To 6-Month Lows
Services and Manufacturing PMI disappointed, tumbling to the lowest levels since before the election. Simply put, the 'soft' data is converging back lower to the dismal reality of the 'hard' data.
US Crude Production Hits 13-Month Highs As Oil Rig Count Doubles Off May 2016 Lows
With crude production at 13-month highs, the trend of rising rig counts (now up 10 weeks in a row) suggests OPEC remains anything but in control as the global inventory glut deepens.
Stocks, Dollar, Bond Yields Tumble As GOP Leaders 'Not Confident" They Have Votes
The reaction in stocks was very fast. Stocks are fading fast to yesterday's lows and VIX is surging.
Biggest US Equity Outflows Since Brexit; US Banks Hit The Hardest
The latest evidence that rumors of Trumpflation trade's death are not greatly exaggerated came overnight from Bank of America which reported that based equity funds saw net outflows of $8.9 billion, the largest in 38 weeks.
SNB Spent $68 Billion On Currency Manipulation In 2016
The SNB announced that in 2016 it spent 67.1 billion Swiss francs, or $67.6 billion, to purchase foreign currencies in an effort to weaken its currency.
Vote Fiasco Leads To Longest Dow Losing Streak Since Election, VIX At 2017 Highs
Today's stock market (much more so than bonds and FX) was beholden to healthcare headlines all day...The Dow closed red - for the sixth day in a row - the longest losing streak since right before the election.
Sears Enters Death Spiral: Vendors Halt Shipments, Insurers Bail
Is a bankruptcy inevitable for Sears? Well, yes, and increasingly so with every passing day that the company avoids filing.
How To Trade The Health-Care Vote
Health care was always going to be a contentious issue, with both moderates and hard-core conservatives having reservations about the bill (for very different reasons). Tax reform is something that most of the GOP can get behind.
Spot The Odd One Out - New Home Sales Spike To 7-Month Highs
Existing home sales - down; pending home sales - down; affordability (as rates spike) - down; new home sales - up at 7-month highs (beating all but one of 70 economists' estimates).
Credit Suisse Shares Tumble On Report It May Sell $3 Billion In Stock
First Deutsche Bank, now Credit Suisse: the second largest Swiss bank is preparing to take advantage of euphoric markets and is considering selling stock valued at more than 3 billion Swiss francs as it seeks to boost capital levels.
Ford Stock Slumps To Post-Election Lows After Slashing Guidance
Ford: "We are establishing earnings per share guidance for the first quarter of 2017 in the range of $0.30 to $0.35 for both earnings per share (GAAP) and adjusted earnings per share (non-GAAP)."
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