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Not Even Santa Can Save This Market
We are coming into the last week of real trading in the year with Fedspeak dominating the tone. We are coming off a very profitable week in trading. This crucial weekend video newsletter update details which trades you may want to take this week.
Will The Market Bounce Through December?
We highlights the pathway and probabilities for a bounce for the final weeks of December and the key levels from which it can happen.
Soft Rallies And Wild Ranges Lead To These Trades
This has been a traders dream market with two-way price action.
XLF Hits 52 Week Low - Market Next?
Many leading financial companies such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America plunged to new 52 week lows recently. What does it mean and is there a fade trade (bounce) setting up here?
A Lack Of Volatility?
One surprise in this market is the lack of volatility, specifically in the VIX and VVIX. What does this mean for the market and how can you take advantage of it?
Volatility Box Ready To Break! Here's What You Need To Know
Stocks are on the edge and volatility is set to explode higher. This weekend's video newsletter update is absolutely crucial for any trader or investor.
FV Where The Market Is Headed Next
Are the markets likely to make a new 2018 high or low or stay within those boundaries for the rest of December? Current Implied Volatility has a clear answer.
What Bonds Say About The Stock Market Selloff
Bond prices surged and Treasury yields fell sharply today while stock prices collapsed from resistance targets.
G20 Is Done, What Now?
Stocks open much higher and then fade the rest of the day on what is being interpreted as good news out of the G20.
This Bear Is Far From Done
The rally this past week was nearly two standard deviations, meaning it moved twice what was expected. With the market anticipating a binary event for Monday with news out of the G20 here are the opportunities you'll want to consider for next week.
Tech Swing Targets Achieved; What's The Next Play?
Leading technology companies achieved short-term bounce-profit targets for swing traders on the daily chart. What's next as price trades into these specific daily chart target levels?
How To Sell Premium In This Market
In this video, we focus on selling premium. Find out the right set of circumstances that make premium selling viable in the current market.
The Key Levels To Trade Right Now
We're into a critical price level and what happens here determines whether or not we'll trade bullishly or bearishly for the rest of the week.
Here’s Why The Rally Builds In More Risk
Here are the stocks and ETFs you'll want to watch for opportunities this week.
Here Are The Compounding Issues Facing Markets
In a shortened week the SPX sold off more than 2 standard deviations. With lots of compounding issues here are the opportunities you need to know about going into next week.
Holiday Week Key Levels And Volatility Update
Corey Rosenbloom updates you on the key SP500 and Nasdaq daily chart levels to watch for any bounce or breakdown for the holiday week and beyond.
1 to 16 of 385 Posts
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