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The Right Trades To Play Earnings
Earnings week is here starting today with GOOGL.
Good Earnings Cause Interest Rate Fear To Resurface
What comes around goes around with volatility and interest rate fears. We discuss what to expect next week in the market and what dividend yielding stocks present opportunities as interest rates rise.
Rising Rates And A Low-Volume Rally, With No Forward Risk Priced In
Rates jumped higher today and stocks didn't react well.
Will IBM Spoil The Tech Party?
Stocks hit a critical juncture today as multiple technical patterns and indicators converge and this key level.
Volatility Contracts Providing A Trade Setup
An almost risk-less trade is setting up in the market.
Why Be Long Term Bearish On Markets?
We go through the case to be bearish in light of volatility and earnings and check out some trading opportunities in the week ahead.
Bank Earnings Tomorrow And Another Big Move Brewing
Stocks move higher today, but does that mean the uptrend has resumed?
Markets Poised For More Volatility?
Stocks end the day lower in mixed trading.
A Wild Market Reversal Sets A Negative Tone For The Week
Forget about individual stocks - we're getting almost 90% correlation with the S&P.
After A Manic Trading Week Here's What To Expect Next
After a manic week, with nowhere to hide after a trifecta of bad news: a trade war, non-farm payrolls and the Fed's Powell's remarks, it's a relief to see the week end.
S&P Levels To Watch, And GLD On Deck
Stocks continue the rally off the 200-day MA today. A major battle between bulls and bears is pending at this key level, and the winner will tell us what kind of market we are moving into.
The Market Beatings Shall Continue
Stocks take a beating as strong selling grips the market.
This Is Your Game Plan For Volatility
For only the 4th time this year, 13 weeks, the market has managed to stay inside the weekly expected move.
Are These Generals Dead?
Stocks whipsaw back down today led down by big tech. The generals that led this market higher have been taken out.
Short The Rally? Here's Your Answer
Stocks rally back strong today as short sellers scrambled to cover their shorts. The question though - is the selling over or can we short this rally?
Markets Imply More Serious Moves Ahead, Here Is What You Need To Know
We saw epic volatility this week as this week was just filled with potholes...the Fed, tariffs and Facebook issues that sparked fears in the monsters of tech.
1 to 16 of 277 Posts
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