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We see Investment themes at work and at play every day in the economy — oftentimes across industries and categories — and other aspects of day to day life. It is the opposite of the typical Wall Street approach to research, which oftentimes overly focuses on a single industry at a ... more


NIRP – A Central Bank Roadblock To Wealth
ZIRP and NIRP hurt those trying to build wealth by not only suppressing interest rates, but by giving those who can access central bank provided lending directly, an impossible advantage.
Record $25 Billion On Alibaba’s Singles’ Day And Most Was Mobile
China and India have dominated the global economy, generating over half of the total GDP in terms of real purchasing power. The incredible volume of sales generated by Alibaba over the weekend illustrates the reemergence of that economic power.
There Are Things Underfoot In The Market That Could Cause Some Scares
As we like to say at Tematica, the stock market is much more like a good movie than a photo in that there are several story beats with a developing plot that can have a few twists and turns.
With Just One Bear For Every Five Bulls, There Is Serious Herd Mentality
One of the things we are also seeing in the markets is an exceptionally low level of correlation, which is at least to some degree responsible for the low levels of volatility.
Restaurant Traffic Continued To Fall In October
We’ll continue to look for publicly traded restaurants that are looking to leverage consumers’ preference for organic and natural diets that are a part of our food with integrity investing theme.
As We Hit The Home Stretch, Corporate Earnings Scorecard Is Painting A Solid Picture
Quickly recapping the markets for October, it was a better than expected month that saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average notch a more than 4% gain and the S&P 500 rise more than 2%. Here’s what we’ll be watching over the next five trading days.


BABA Alibaba
BBRY BlackBerry Ltd
BIG Big Lots Inc.
BIL SPDR Barclays 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF
BXUB Barclays Bank PLC
BXUC Barclays Bank PLC
CNDF iShares Edge MSCI Mltifctr Cnsmr Dcrtnry
CRF Cornerstone Total Return Fund
DDM ProShares Ultra Dow30
DIA SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average
DLBL Barclays Bank PLC
DLBS Barclays Bank PLC
DOG ProShares Short Dow30
DTUL iPath U.S. Treasury 2-Year Bull ETN
DTUS Barclays Bank PLC
DTYL Barclays Bank PLC
DTYS Barclays Bank PLC
DUSA DUSA Pharmaceuticals Inc.
DVN Devon Energy Corporation
DXD ProShares UltraShort Dow30
EDV Vanguard Extended Duration ETF
EEH ELEMENTS Linked to the SPECTRUM Large CAP U.S. Sector Momentum Index
EGF BlackRock Enhanced Government Fund Inc.
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