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Taki Tsaklanos is the founder and lead analyst at InvestingHaven.com, a research service focused on unlocking opportunities across markets. With +15 years of experience in markets, he has developed a methodology based on 7 indicators: chart patterns, intermarket analysis, market internals, ... more


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Must-See Chart On Sector Rotation: From Broad Markets To Precious Metals Stocks
One of the new trends we see, and the market is very close to confirming the trend, is the inverse correlation between broad stock markets and precious metals stocks.
U.S. Stock Market Breaks Down In October 2018, How Low Can It Fall?
The U.S. stock market breakdown of October 2018 is about to become very serious and has already created serious damage to some leading sectors. Let’s revise this impact.
Canada Welcomes Cannabis Legalization With Sell-Off In Cannabis Stocks
Today is D-Day in Canada when it comes to their cannabis legalization. It’s the first day that Canada allows, legally, to consume recreational marijuana. This very first day, however, was a small disaster for Canadian cannabis stocks.
Gold And Silver Market Flash Very Powerful Signal In October 2018
October is an important month for the gold and silver market. Most often seasonal strength starts in October, and lasts until April.
Ripple's Impressive Recovery Amid Stock Market Weakness
Ripple lost 30 pct top to bottom this week before recovering on Friday. Is there any damage to Ripple particularly?
Ripple Ends Its Bear Market With An Impressive Breakout
The recent crypto correction disappointed many crypto investors. However, every correction after a speculative rise comes with a cleanup. We strongly believe that Ripple will be among the winners of this recent 'catharsis'.
Copper Price Crash Of 2018 Ongoing
The price of copper is crashing. With a decline of some 10% in two weeks' time it is getting ‘nasty’. Is the end or the start of the copper price crash?
This One Chart Confirms The Crypto Market Is Still In An Uptrend
There is such bearish sentiment around cryptocurrencies that we believe it is time to become …bullish.
Biotechnology Stocks Preparing A New Bullish Trend
Biotechnology stocks look bullish, and even more bullish than ever in the last three years.
China Stock Market At Make-Or-Break Level
Both the US Dollar and US Treasuries are a key driver for China’s stocks.
Bitcoin At Crossroads: Flat Price Until The Start Of A New Trend
Bitcoin's price has retraced ~65% since the Bitcoin top in December 2017. Does it mean investors can buy it cheap now? That may be the case with one caveat: what is cheap may become cheaper.
Gold Price: Short Term Bearish, Medium Term Strongly Bullish
The price of gold lost some 3.5% in the month of June, and is somehow bearish. Some call for a breakdown of the secular uptrend which started in 2002. Although that may be true we take a deeper look into gold.
US Stock Markets: Healthy Consolidation Almost Over, New Uptrend May Be Starting Soon
It appears that the US stock market went through a healthy consolidation in June which may have a bullish outcome sooner rather than later.
How The US Dollar May Impact Emerging Markets In 2018 And 2019
With the strong correlations between the US Dollar vs. emerging markets and commodities, it becomes clear that the most important market we are looking at is 20-year Treasury Yields (in the U.S.).
Nike Rises 11 Pct Today, As Per Forecast
This is another case where patient investors with a sharp eye get rewarded.
Pandora Media: Formerly Hated, Now Outperforming, For How Long?
Since we tipped Pandora Media back in April the stock trades 30 pct higher. Is there more upside potential, time to buy, or is the top near?
1 to 16 of 746 Posts
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