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Sramana Mitra has been an entrepreneur and a strategy consultant in Silicon Valley since 1994. Her fields of experience span from hard core technology disciplines like semiconductors to sophisticated consumer marketing industries including fashion and education.

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Implosion Of Media Startups
Most media startups will be experiencing a drought in financing 2017. They are cutting down costs as investor money dries up. But with no viable business model in place, the industry looks set to implode.
2017 IPO Prospects: Apttus Hedging Exit Options
Quote-to-cash SaaS player Apttus has been toying with the idea of going public for a while. In September 2016, the company made it clear that it will go public in the first half of 2017.
Billion Dollar Unicorns: Neo Technology Takes Databases To The Next Level
Neo Technology was a pioneer in graph databases. Neo Technology plans to list on the U.S stock exchange in the next two to three years.
Death By Overfunding:
Entrepreneurs should realize that pumping huge amounts of venture capital into building audience that cannot be monetized is a very bad business strategy.
Cotiviti Helps Control Inaccuracy Of Payments
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) expects the healthcare costs to continue to grow at 6% annually through 2024. Cotiviti Holdings is hoping to reduce this inaccuracy through its analytical engine.
Death By Overfunding: Gilt Groupe
What entrepreneurs should learn from Gilt Groupe’s story is not to get seduced by flashing signs of VC money because it comes with a precise expectation: hyper growth.
Death By Overfunding: Glam Media
Here’s a lesson that startups should take from this story as well as other upcoming media industry failures: pumping huge amounts of venture capital into building audience that cannot be monetized is a very bad business strategy.
The Sad Demise Of Pebble
Smartwatch maker Pebble was one of the most heavily funded startups on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It grew rapidly, but could not sustain its hyper growth pressures.
Death By Overfunding: Nasty Gal
Nasty Girl, today, should be a thriving company if they hadn’t been caught up in the venture capital financed hyper growth mode. Steadily, Nast Gal could have grown to over $100 million in profitable revenue with no VC money at all.
Billion Dollar Unicorns: Opendoor Labs Opens The Door To The Club
Opendoor’s business idea has made the process of buying and selling a house much simpler as it continues to disrupt the real estate brokerage market. But experts wonder how reliable its pricing model truly is.
Billion Dollar Unicorns: JetSmarter Flies Into The Club
Uber has become the poster child of the sharing economy. But according to VBProfiles, the sharing economy has received $15 billion in funding, giving rise to several unicorns.
Billion Dollar Unicorns: Procore Joins The Club
With the new funds, Procore plans to expand its product offerings and expand internationally. It plans to open new offices in Australia and Canada in 2017.
Oracle’s Cloud Strategy Paying Off
Oracle has spent more than $10 billion this year on nine acquisitions. In its recent quarter, it reported stellar results for its cloud business, which for the first time surpassed the $1 billion milestone.
Three Large Enterprise Software Acquisitions Recommended For 2017
The enterprise software market has seen several acquisitions this year, from Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle.
Adobe Continues To Grow Its Digital Marketing Suite
Adobe is counting on this growth trend as it continues to expand its digital footprint in the market.
Billion Dollar Unicorns: Nutanix Delivers Upbeat Performance, Stock Still Down
Recently listed Nutanix announced its first quarterly results after it went public in October this year. The results surpassed market expectations but did little to improve the stock’s performance.
1 to 16 of 157 Posts
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