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Sramana Mitra has been an entrepreneur and a strategy consultant in Silicon Valley since 1994. Her fields of experience span from hard core technology disciplines like semiconductors to sophisticated consumer marketing industries including fashion and education.

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Billion Dollar Unicorns: MuleSoft Delivers Successful IPO
After years of mulling over the idea of going public, San Francisco-based Billion Dollar Unicorn player MuleSoft finally listed this month.
New Relic Cashes In On Cisco’s AppDynamics Acquisition
New Relic’s third quarter revenues grew 43% to $68.1 million, ahead of the market’s forecast of $66.35 million. Net loss of $0.09 per share compared with the market’s forecast of $0.14 per share.
Billion Dollar Unicorns: AppDynamics Sold Before IPO
AppDynamics was looking to go public early this year at an estimated valuation of $1.9 billion. Then, in a sudden twist, it was acquired by Cisco for roughly twice the valuation at $3.7 billion.
Adobe Rises To A 52-Week High
The company is now producing impressive growth. Last week, it reported its twelfth straight quarter of revenue growth driven by growth in its marketing cloud and digital media segments.
Coupa Investors Want To See Profits
San Mateo-based Coupa, a provider of cloud-based spend management firm, listed on the stock exchange. The market was pleased with the listing and it sent the stock soaring. Investors begin to lose patience with its continued losses.
Fumbling Snapdeal Looks To Woo Investors Back
Snapdeal has had a difficult 2016. Last year, Amazon established a bigger footprint in the country and surpassed Snapdeal’s market share. Flipkart remains the biggest e-commerce player in India, followed by Amazon India, and Snapdeal.
2017 IPO Prospects: WeWork Diversifies To Drive Revenue
Coworking operators help make it easier for companies to have a physical office location by enabling sharing of workspace. One such vendor, now looking to go public, is New York-based WeWork.
2017 IPO Prospects: HelloFresh Needs The Profitability Spice
Analysts are hopeful that HelloFresh is gearing up for an IPO this year. After its plans for an IPO ran into trouble last year.
Zomato Looks Unimpressive And Precarious
Zomato earns revenues primarily through advertising. They have native advertising on their apps and site and also earn advertising revenues by charging restaurant owners a fee for publishing promotional offers through Zomato’s listings.
Will Snap Pass The IPO Test?
After years of flipping between will it or won’t it, messaging service Snap, finally went public. The market has been looking forward to the IPO. But Snap will have to do more than just publish user metrics now.
Workday Delivers Impressive Quarter, Market Not Thrilled
SaaS-based enterprise application services provider Workday may have delivered an impressive quarter, but the market is not impressed.
2017 IPO Prospects: Spotify Delays Again
Music streaming company Spotify has been thinking about its IPO for a while. A year ago, analysts were expecting it to take the plunge in 2017. But recent reports suggest that the company may be delaying the IPO again.
Death By Overfunding: Beepi Towed Off-Market
Used car sales grew 6% in 2016 and the trend is expected to continue in the next few quarters. But despite the market conditions, online player and a former Billion Dollar Unicorn expectant Beepi recently shuttered operations.
2017 IPO Prospects: ForeScouts Files “Confidentially”
ForeScout recently announced an integrated tool in collaboration with Splunk to bring a new level of security visibility to IoT devices.
Twilio Focuses On Enterprises
Twilio’s roller coaster start on the stock markets appears to have settled down. After soaring more than three times within a few months of listing, the stock appears to have calmed down to more realistic levels.
For Salesforce, It Is All About AI Now
Einstein will be used to reduce the need for customers to employ data scientists and instead will be using AI to automatically discover relevant insights, predict behavior, and proactively recommend the next best action.
1 to 16 of 205 Posts
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