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Sheraz Mian is the Director of Research at Zacks, in which capacity he leads the 60 analyst equity research team covering over 1,000 stocks, including the entire S&P 500.

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EC Market Unimpressed With Bank Earnings
It isn’t hard to appreciate the market’s negative reaction to the Wells Fargo and Citigroup reports, but the lukewarm reaction to the JPMorgan report is likely reflective of continued weak sentiment for the group.
What's Keeping Bank Stocks Down?
Finance sector earnings were up +25% in 2018 Q1 and the expectation is that growth in the Q2 earnings season, which JPMorgan, Wells Fargo and Citigroup kick off with their results on Friday July 13, will likely be as good.
EC Has Earnings Growth Peaked Already?
Total Q2 earnings are expected to be up +18.5% year-over-year on +7.9% higher revenues, with double-digit earnings growth for 10 of 16 Zacks sectors. This follows +24.6% earnings growth in Q1 on +8.6%, the highest growth in almost 7 years.
Looking Ahead To The 2018 Q2 Earnings Season
The Q1 earnings season turned out to be very strong, with growth reaching a 7 year high and broad-based momentum on the revenue side. The focus will now shift to the Q2 earnings season whose early results will start coming out in the next few days.
Can Retail Stocks Maintain Their Momentum?
The earnings focus shifts to the Retail sector this week as traditional brick-and-mortar retailers come out with quarterly results. In total, we have 125 companies on deck to come out with Q1 results, including 10 S&P 500 members.
EC Is The Earnings Picture Really That Strong?
The narrative about the Q1 earnings season is one of all-around strength. But you wouldn’t see evidence of this strength in the stock market’s recent performance.
EC Q1 Earnings Season Good, But Not Great
Q1 earnings and revenue growth are on track to reach its highest level in seven years.
Q1 Earnings Growth Strongest In 7 Years
What this discussion of Q1 results shows is that while growth remains very strong and a preponderance of companies are beating EPS estimates, revenue beats aren’t as numerous as was the case in the preceding quarter.
EC Positive Revenue Surprises Lag Previous Quarter Levels
Q1's earnings and revenue growth rates are tracking materially above historical periods. Surprises just aren't as numerous.
EC Why Is The Market Unimpressed With Bank Earnings?
It isn’t hard to appreciate the market’s negative reaction to the WFC and C reports, but the post-release weakness in JPM is likely nothing more than a sell-the-news type of mindset.
EC Bank Earnings Finally Taking Off
Banks' last earnings season was messy due to huge one-time charges related to tax changes, but we should see ‘cleaner’ results from this earnings season onward.
Handicapping The Q1 2018 Earnings Season
We are still a few weeks away from big bank earnings results that now serve as the unofficial starting point of the reporting cycle. Officially, however, the reporting cycle has gotten underway, with results from 13 S&P 500 members already out.
EC Q1 Earnings Season To Show Growth Acceleration
The 2018 Q1 earnings season has gotten underway already. We have another 10 S&P 500 members with fiscal quarters ending in February on deck to report such 2018 Q1 results this week, including industry leaders like FedEx, Oracle, Nike and others.
EC What Will Retail Earnings Show?
As of Friday, February 16th, we now have Q4 results from 18 of the 39 retailers in the S&P 500 index. Total earnings for the 18 retailers that have reported already are up +13.1% from the same period last year on +14.6% higher revenues.
EC Market Ignores Impressive Earnings Performance
The market’s headlong plunge has been squarely in the face of an impressive display of earnings power. Not only is an above average proportion of companies beating expectations, but estimates are going up.
EC Earnings Estimates Going Higher
At the halfway point, the picture emerging from the Q4 earnings season is one of strength and momentum.
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