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E Fitbit Shares Benefit From GoPro's Updated Guidance
It was a good day for Fitbit (FIT) shareholders yesterday and one that could not come soon enough.
E With Starboard Disposing Its Macy's Investment, The New York Post Rumor Has Been Invalidated
Rumors can be difficult to manage when they surface and center on an investment vehicle in your portfolio.
E Smartwatch Vs. Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Dives Deeper Into Smartwatches As Sales Decline
Fitness trackers have outsold smartwatches by more than 3:1 over the last couple of years and since the wearable market took shape.
E VIX-Leveraged Instruments Continue To Drive Profits When Used As Intended
While shorting VIX-leveraged instruments has and continues to be the key drivers of success for Golden Capital Portfolio, picking the right stocks and managing the investment has also proven to bolster the portfolios performance.
E Brian Cornell's Aim Has Been Way Off Target
Target’s core problem is the existing business that its management team believes they just need to “speed up” in terms of rolling out all of their initiatives that have been in place for the last couple of years.
E J.C. Penney's Go-Forward Strategy: Haven't We Seen This Movie Before?
If you are invested in any major department store retail equity you are well aware of the absolute beating exhibited on the sector over the last several months.


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Should Target Be A "Buy" With That Beautiful 4.2% Dividend?
21 days ago

enjoyed the video, perspective

In this video: TGT
VIX Trading: Even The Pros Get It Wrong
1 month ago

Thank you for your comment. No it did not go up about "....." any percent. There is no viable back-testing for 2008 or any other event. This is a common misnomer perpetrated through the forbearance of fear. Just as many expected these instruments to perform extremely poorly during the 3% decline on Brexit and the following day's 1.5% decline, that did not come to fruition. The fact is that the first day on how the VIX trades on such a VIX-EVENT will determine how these instruments perform the following day. There is no back testing for the unknown, just simulations from a constant base and the VIX has no constant base.

In this article: UVXY, VIX
Retail Sector Unwinds Under The Pressure Of Lesser Sales And Border Tax Adjustment Fears
1 month ago

It's a good point certainly, but also when you look at the consumption breakdown, the allocation is and has been greatly skewed toward healthcare as well. So we are growing GDP, but where consumption is taking place is frightful indeed as it largely doesn't benefit retail any degree of significance.

In this article: TMTMT, TGT, JCP, M, AMZN, BBBY, WMT
My Plans For Success In 2017 Continue To Involve VIX-Leveraged ETFs/ETNs
2 months ago

I use two trading platforms whereby in the case that one has low inventory the other has available. But in general and as I have written into many publications, Scottrade has the most inventory to borrow short. Also, maintaining a core short position for extended period of time incentivized broker/dealer to maintain shares to borrow. So if shares are hard to borrow for a trader it is generally the platform being used or the way one manages a short position.

In this article: UVXY, TVIX, VIX
My Plans For Success In 2017 Continue To Involve VIX-Leveraged ETFs/ETNs
2 months ago

Thank you for reading and I hope traders use these instruments to their advantage.

In this article: UVXY, TVIX, VIX
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Seth Golden
selvasivan not really, can get same action for less capital w/UVXY right now. $18 vs. $40
Seth Golden
$UVXY lot of shares 2 recapture from covers at $15.85 last week. Will be active in pre-market tomorrow. If I can ge… more
Seth Golden
$UVXY 3/23/2017 1:53:49 PM ETUVXY Bought to Cover 1200 UVXY @ $17.60Executed

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