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E Crude Oil Trading At A 4-Year High; Trafigura Sees $100/Barrel
Global crude oil blasted through $80 price level on Monday to peaked at $81.67 a barrel.
BOE Raises Interest Rate To 0.75 Percent
The Bank of England led Monetary Policy Committee raised interest rates by 25 basis points from 0.50 percent to 0.75 percent on Thursday, the highest level in nine years.
US Inflation Advances To 6-Year High
US consumer prices grew in June at the fastest pace in more than six years, boosted by expensive gas, higher rent and car insurance.
Forex Weekly Outlook July 2 - 6
Trade tensions coupled with economic fundamentals have become key factors in projecting possible market direction in recent months, therefore, both will be used to broaden forex outlook ahead of unemployment data this week.
China's Manufacturing Sector Slows Amid Trade Tensions
The manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index published on Saturday expanded to 51.5 in June, slightly below experts' projection of 51.6 and 51.9 recorded in May.
UK Manufacturing Production Falls At Fastest Rate In 6 Years
Manufacturing production declined by 1.4 percent in April, worse than the 0.1 percent decline recorded in the previous month and the 0.3 percent predicted by experts.


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Crude Oil Trading At A 4-Year High; Trafigura Sees $100/Barrel
21 days ago

You are right William. But OPEC and partners will still fall in line at some point, especially after Nov 4 they will be forced to increase production as they don't want to pick a fight with Trump. Nov 4 is when US -Iran sanctions will be activated.

BOE Raises Interest Rate To 0.75 Percent
2 months ago

Its a complex situation at this stage. Citizens with substantial savings would enjoy better interest rate while struggling new investment will be affected as the cost of borrowing rose to a record high. Even job creation may dip, except there is enough demand to maintain economic activities. However, global trade tensions and uncertainty surrounding both local politics and Brexit negotiations will play a key role in U.K. economic direction.

Chinese PMI Unexpectedly Slows To 19-Month Low In February
7 months ago

If Powell failed to adhere to market expectation yesterday. Not just the equity will tumble, fixed income market will do too. Mario Draghi, ECB president situation was different, he has been insisting on stimulus continuity, saying it is necessary to support the economy until inflation reach 2 percent target. Hence, he was able to build on that yesterday to weaken Euro outlook against the dollar for favourable exports. In the U.S. it is different.

Crude Oil Gains As OPEC Plans To Extend Production Cuts
11 months ago

That was a good article James. Thanks.

U.S. Consumer Price Index Rises Amid Surge In Gasoline Prices
1 year ago

Gasoline prices contributed 75% of CPI gain in September. Also, weak dollar would help stimulate manufacturing sector and gradually close trade deficit that has been a concern for this administration. It is a known fact that oversea businesses prefer US products for their quality and standard but strong US currency has been huge hindrance. Since the dollar fell against counterparts, manufacturing production jumped to 13-year high, meaning surged in new orders with oversea orders jumping to 57 in the month.

Will AUDUSD Break 78 Cents?
1 year ago

Philip Lowe prefer lower exchange rate as it will help boost exports and aid economic activities. However, drop in commodity prices and Lowe call for lower foreign exchange rate weighed on Australian dollar this week. Again, the uncertainties in the US and how well Donald Trump perform with the proposed tax reforms will determine bearish continuation.

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Yellen Sees Risk Of Overheating Without Modest Hikes Over Time
1 year ago

Nothing is really stable, especially during "a period of high uncertainty like this." But she was clear yesterday in Cleveland, perhaps you need to watch the video. Thanks for your comments.

Yellen Sees Risk Of Overheating Without Modest Hikes Over Time
1 year ago

Yellen concern is not foreigners but pricing and continuous job creation. Yellen want to know if consumer prices and labor market will not be negatively impacted once the Fed starts unwinding balance sheet and tighten further. Therefore, the emphasis on gradual. Again, U.S. fundamental is stronger than other developed nations but inability of the current administration to push through with fiscal policy, health care reform and North Korea back and forth threats weaken U.S. economic outlook.

Forex Weekly Outlook September 11-15
1 year ago

You are welcome Donald Kaplan.

Asian Shares And Dollar Head Higher
1 year ago

You are welcome. Read the analysis of the consumer prices and how we were able to predict 'precisely' its impact on pound on my wall.

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