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Rodney Johnson works closely with Harry Dent to study how people spend their money as they go through predictable stages of life, how that spending drives our economy and how you can use this information to invest successfully in any market.

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When The Wheels Stop Rolling
Consumers spent about $11.7 trillion last year, so a $25 billion to $30 billion drop won’t kill the economy by any means. But it does make it harder to grow.
The Fed Must Be Reading Us
Now it’s time to find out what will happen on the back-end of all the QE. QE lowers interest rates as central banks buy bonds, but the distortion doesn’t end there.
Wasting Away Again In Margaritaville
With millions of boomers barreling toward retirement, we’ll need as many of these retirement communities as we can get… and it still won’t be enough.
With Friends Like These...
Cartels are a tough thing. The goal is for a small group of influential producers to artificially move a market away from its normal equilibrium, and eventually squeeze more money from buyers to boost profits.
Stop Patching Up The Euro
Those holding euros will have to choose how much of each currency they want to buy as reserves. Or, they could take the easier path. Buy dollars.
The Wall Street Syndicate Is Still At Work
In 2012, a California high school invested $15,000 in a small, little-known app maker called Snapchat. Last week the school sold two-thirds of its shares for $24 million when the stock went public.


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Muni Mayhem: This Boring Sector Is Starting To Heat Up!
1 year ago

Wendell, I'm not as much of a fan of ETFs with their bond liquidity issues as I am of closed end funds like DMB. The issue with closed end funds is that most (like DMB) are leveraged. If the Fed raises rates in Sept, it will drive up the cost of leverage, lowering the returns on the fund, driving down the price. That could be a fabulous thing for those who wait to invest. Note - I do not own DMB.

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American Kids Can Do More Than Sing And Dunk
We are great at telling kids they can be anything they want to be. We need to do a better job of giving them ideas as to what is possible.
No One Cares As Much As You
It doesn’t matter how much the bank advertises that it wants to be my “friend,” or that it “knows what I need,” the truth is that it’s just business. Period.
The Aging Face Of America
Our demographics (and their impact on programs like Social Security and Medicare) are undeniable. We’re an aging nation facing some big problems…
The Japanese Economic Twilight Zone
In the early 1990’s very few of us were recognizing that while the U.S. enjoyed the early years of the greatest growth spurt in history, the Japanese were on the verge of a long, difficult economic fall
The End Of Truth
Last week's conference served as a good reminder of how things stand in our economy, cutting through the propaganda that is too often touted as truth.
You’re Stuck With The Middleman, Like It Or Not
With endless information available to people online, the need for a salesman to help you make a purchase is quickly fading, yet still the middleman remains.
One Failed College, Two Big Lessons
For-profit college ITT Tech went bust when the government cut off all new federal student loans for the school, foreshadowing what's to come in healthcare. (As originally posted on
How Bankster Melba Acosta-Febo Is Trying To Swipe $3.5 Billion Rodney Joh
If you stole a hundred bucks from someone, you might try to avoid them for a while. If you stole $100,000, you might even consider moving across the country. But what if you stole $3.5 billion?
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Dent Research
February 2013 - Present (4 years 3 months)
Municipal Bond Trader
Prudential Securities
January 1990 - March 1996 (6 years 4 months)


Southern Methodist University - Cox School of Business
1991 / 1994
Georgetown University
1983 / 1987
Bus. Admin, Finance


Irrational Economics
Rodney Johnson
Dent Research

Rodney Johnson is a lifelong student of money and economic trends. He’s worked in the financial industry for more than 25 years, and he’s worked closely with Harry Dent since the mid-1990s.
Rodney’s expertise is in analyzing and understanding…

How people spend their money as they go through predictable stages of life…

How that spending drives our economy…

And how you can use this information to invest successfully.