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The Bull Case For Tesla
At long last, a Tesla bull steps up to retort Mark Spiegel’s bear case on the electric car company in this podcast. Grant Williams and Alex Rosenberg trade Nike, Hedy Lamarr and Scottish spiders in this week’s Long/Short segment.
Hedge Fund Legend: “Today, I Have Essentially Four Positions”
Inflation will accelerate in the coming months. That’s the investment thesis of Hugh Hendry, the legendary Founder and CIO of Eclectica Asset Management LLP. Hendry is widely known as one of the most original thinkers in finance.
Peak Amazon? What Amazon And US Retail Trends Tell Us
Amazon, it seems, is going to take over the world. It started out selling books and has expanded to selling just about everything, from electronics to homewares, prime memberships and now Whole Foods. Have we reached peak Amazon?
Beyond Bitcoin: Why Cryptocurrency “Tokens” Are The Future
Cryptocurrencies are perhaps the most exciting sector in the markets today. But what does the future hold for them?
Master Short-Seller Grants Rare Interview To Discuss His Investment Process
Russell Clark isn’t a household name. But in investment circles, he’s known as one of the best “short sellers” in the world.
Are You Sure You’re Mentally Equipped To Make Money In The Markets?
Do you "trust your gut" when it comes to investing? If so, chances are you will struggle to consistently make money as an investor. That's according to the work of Peter Atwater, who's been studying investor psychology for well over a decade.


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