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Rambus Chartology started out as primarily a Precious Metals Technical Analysis site and has now broadened the perspective to include all important markets .  Here you can watch Rambus follow the markets on a daily / hourly basis and learn a great deal of hands ... more


Time For The Gold Bulls To Show Their Mettle
For the last three months gold had been chopping out a rectangle trading range which has completed four reversal points. On Wednesday it looked like gold would break above the top rail but bears stopped the advance before the bulls could win.
The Beautiful Chartology Of SLV
SLV and the precious metals have been underperforming gold in a pretty significant way. Normally you would like to see the precious metals stocks outperforming gold on the front end of a bull market.
The Trend Is Your Friend ’Til The Very End
What is so special about our current bull market is that it’s a worldwide event that is taking most countries to a new standard of living especially the 3rd world countries.
The Light At The End Of The HUI
What we know for sure is that the HUI rallied strongly out of its January 2016 low to the August 2016 high which was very impressive.
Consolidation Time (The Easy Trade Has Ended)
There was hardly a time over the last year or so that the stock markets were down more than 2 or 3 days in a row.
Once In A Lifetime
For over six months or longer, we’ve heard the never-ending story about how overbought this market is, but the stock market doesn’t care what we think.


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USDU - An Important Perspective On The US Dollar
1 year ago

I am responding to you. I am the Author see my response below

In this article: USDU
USDU - An Important Perspective On The US Dollar
1 year ago

Further to my above reply. This Chart Below Argues for the problem being with Your trading View Chart

UUP overlaid with $USD and also with the USDU show none of these have come close to a 78% Fibo Retrace....barely 32%


In this article: USDU
USDU - An Important Perspective On The US Dollar
1 year ago


I am Rambus Manager and Editor. he does not do responses personally ( a time thing)

I see your point

I believe Rambus Chart is Log Scale but that shouldn't make such a large difference on this short a time period

All we can do is watch the charts. Rambus uses Stockcharts Exclusively

The big difference in the two charts is the left armpit area is much higher on your chart

Hard to understand how there could be a great difference. Data Feed?


Gary ( for Rambus Chartology)

In this article: USDU
SOXS Trade Setup…
2 years ago

Thanks glad to be here at this exciting new site

In this article: SOX
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DGAZ Dniprogaz JSC
DRV Direxion Daily Re
HUI NYSE Arca Gold BUGS Index
SLV iShares Silver Trust
SOXS Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bear 3X Shares
SQQQ ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ
USDU WisdomTree Bloomberg USD Bullish ETF Fund



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Wednesday Report…A Potential Life Changing Market
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