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Determining The Outlook For Mining Stocks? Look Deeper Than Others
The breakout in gold and mining stocks was a bullish development for the short term, but the rally that was likely to be seen based on it, could have already taken place.
Gold: Ready, Set, Go! Were You Really Ready?
The previous week is over and even though we haven’t seen any significant volatility in its final part, it doesn’t mean that we haven’t seen any meaningful signals.
Inverse H&S In The Miners? Really?
Gold rallied, silver rallied, and mining stocks rallied. That’s how one can summarize yesterday’s session.
The Silver Exclamation Mark
Silver’s rally that we saw on Friday is not a bullish development, but a strong bearish sign that makes the current situation even more similar to what preceded the epic April 2013 slide.
Precious Metals Sector: It’s 2013 All Over Again
The situation on the precious metals market remains very bearish, as it’s likely that we are right before a major plunge, similar to the one that we saw in April 2013.
Gold’s Ultimate Confirmation
Gold moved back and forth lately as it’s been consolidating after the recent sharp decline that took gold to the medium-term support levels and the declining thin black support line.


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Trade War And Silver CoT – Details And Implications
7 months ago

Please explain what do you mean by "biased" and point out the subjective opinions. Your comment is biased against my analysis, because it doesn't feature any facts justifying your opinion. My article, on the other hand, provides discussion of multiple reasons and facts. Also, I'm very bullish on the precious metals in the long run.

Gold Being Odd And USD Being Tricky
10 months ago


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