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Weekly Market Digest: Musk Sued By SEC, Fed Hikes Interest Rates
If you’re a market-focused investor, the big news this week was the Federal Reserve’s move to raise interest rates another 25 basis points, or 0.25% and expectations of a fourth rate increase in 2018 with further rate raises expected in 2019.
Weekly Market Digest: Reshuffling Occurs Within Sector And Industry Classifications
Friday’s trading session featured both quadruple witching and the last chance for funds to rebalance before a major sector classification system change, but ultimately proved relatively non-eventful. International stocks outperformed for the week.
Weekly Market Digest: Markets Regain Footing As Global Tensions Ease
Following a relatively wild week, markets regained their footing and moved higher as global tensions eased. Probably the most important development was the Trump administration proposing another round of discussions with China.
Weekly Market Digest: Markets Experience A Volatile Week
After a short trading week, all major global equity indices finished the week negativefy. In the US alone, a tumultuous four days were highlighted by Amazon briefly joining Apple as the second company ever to reach a 13-figure valuation.
Weekly Market Digest: The S&P 500 Closes At An All-Time High
US stocks continued to show strength, finally erasing losses from declines in January and February. The S&P 500 reached a new all-time high on Friday.
Have You Included Digital Assets In Your Estate Plan?
Have you considered how much of your life is stored in digital accounts? Failure to plan could mean some of your digital assets will be lost.




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