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How Much Gold Should The Common Man Own?
I had the pleasure of discussing gold, equity valuations, bond bubbles, and inflation with Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog. I mentioned the nearly “everything bubble” and stated a belief that gold was one thing that was not in a bubble.
Commodity Futures Manipulation: How Bad Did It Get? Still Ongoing?
How bad is commodity futures manipulation? Jens Blecker and Thomas Schad propose to find out.
Autonomous Future: Electric Feeder Ships
With Google, Apple, and all the car manufacturers focusing on autos, other companies have their eyes on less sexy things like autonomous feeder ships. But how big a disruption globally will feeder ships have?
Mish Monthly Macro Video April 2017
Once a month I get together with Gordon Long for a videocast of the month’s hot news topics. This month we discussed the French election, Target2, and European politics.
Trump’s Expected Ambassador To EU Says “Short The Euro, Collapse May Come In 12 To18 Months”
“The one thing I would do in 2017 is short the euro. I think it is a currency that is not only in demise, but has a real problem and could in fact collapse in the coming year or year and a half.”
Mish Monthly Macro With Gordon Long: The Non-Hike, Bank Of Japan, Europe
In the most recent edition we discuss the Fed non-hike, actions by the Bank of Japan, Dave Stockman’s recent book Trumped!, and other items of interest.
Mish’s Monthly Macro Video With Gordon Long, May 2016
Every month I get together with Financial Repression host Gordon Long for a video conversation of the latest global macro news. In this interview we discuss data dependent rate hikes, powerless central banks, retail sales, unions, and other topics.
Casino Banks And Gold Rigging Video Discussion: Mish And Gordon Long
I had the pleasure of discussing various aspects of the global economy with Gordon Long in our monthly podcast. This month we touched on “casino banks”, Christine Lagarde at the IMF, and precious metals (gold and silver) rigging.
Greenspan: Worried About Inflation, Says “Entitlements Crowding Out Investment, Productivity Is Dead”
Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan spoke with Tom Keene and Mike McKee for Bloomberg TV & Radio. He discussed the ramifications of negative interest rates, entitlement spending, and declining productivity. (Video Length: 00:06:10)
Mish On Fox News: Sweet Deals, Recessions, Jobs
A discussion on Fox News which involves: the sugar lobby, politics regarding presidential candidate Marco Rubio, my recent recession call, jobs, and Chicago manufacturing. (Video Length: 00:05:32)
Lacy Hunt – "Inflation And 10-Year Treasury Yield Headed Lower"
The critical factor for the long bond is the inflationary environment. Last year was a disappointing year for the economy, moreover the economy ended on a very low note.
Former Dallas Fed Governor Richard Fisher Goes To Squawk Box Confessional: "We Frontloaded A Tremendous Market Rally"; Transcript Of Video
The wealth effect primarily benefited the already wealthy, at the expense of everyone else. In the process, corporations are more debt-leveraged than ever before, and houses are not affordable for those most in need of buying them.
IMF Fears $3 Trillion Credit Crunch; Lagarde Says "IMF Credibility At Stake", Calls For U.S. To Give China More Voting Power
IMF head Christine Lagarde says "IMF credibility is at stake". She blames the U.S. for that development, and calls on US to give more voting power to China to solve the problem.
Chicago Board Of Education To Default On Bonds? Rick Santelli And Mish Discuss On CNBC
Rick Santelli invited me on his show to discuss Beware, the Tax Man Has Eyes on You: Potential Hike for Illinoisans is Staggering.
For Robots Only: Amazon-Sponsored Contest; Soft Fingers Needed
Anything that can be automated, will. The higher the minimum wage and the lower the interest rate, the more incentive companies have to replace humans with hardware and software robots.
Bill Gross: Too Much Debt, Too Many Zombie Corporations, Low Interest Rates Destroy Pension System
In an Bloomberg Television interview Bill Gross spoke with Bloomberg Television's Trish Regan about the outlook for Federal Reserve policy, the U.S. economy and his objectives at Janus Capital.
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