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In Any Language, Market Puts Up A Cautionary Sign
If ripened fruit has not been picked from a tree, it will eventually fall. Considering how overripe the market and economy have been, not surprising many traders got a nasty bump on their heads.
Breakdown In Daily And Weekly Charts; Monthly?
The number of stocks under the 10-Day moving average in the S&P 500 hit an extreme. So did the new highs/new lows ratio.
What The Market’s Plunge Protection Team Looks Like
What can we look for now? The dollar and the rates will continue to factor into commodity prices. And not all commodities are created equal.
When The Transportation Sector Breaks Down
The Transportation sector via IYT is breaking down. And bulls seem to be very chill about it.
Key Week For The Economic Modern Family
Last week, the Semiconductors ETF closed under the 50-week moving average for the first time since November 2016.
Can The Bulls Count On Corporate Suits?
Starting with last Monday, the divergence between the Dow and the Russell 2000 became a hot topic. All throughout the week, rates and the dollar rose along with oil. The Dow made a new high, but did so all alone.


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Can The Bulls Count On Corporate Suits?
10 days ago

Thank you Ayelet!!

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Are The Metals Rising From The Grave?
1 month ago

Thank you Tiffany!

Has Netflix Out-Binge-Watched Itself?
1 month ago

The chart is sized by talkmarkets-I will see if they can enlarge them next time I post one. Thanks so much for reading my commentary!

In this article: NFLX
Has Netflix Out-Binge-Watched Itself?
1 month ago

Thanks for commenting and reading my post-today the stock took a bath-so the technicals have preceded the fundamentals-as they typically do.

In this article: NFLX
Has Netflix Out-Binge-Watched Itself?
1 month ago

Into episode 2 of Ozark-good so far-and the technical precede the fundamentals-today is fell by over $21.00 before the soft bounce. Thanks for reading my commentary!

In this article: NFLX
Even ETs Are Flying In For The Market Rally
1 month ago

Good morning Wendell. First off, thanks for reading my post! Secondly, you are correct. Except for Gilead, most are R and D type pharma companies like Regeneron, etc. More little pharma than big as you say. My major point though, is that specs line up in that sector, and I like to use IBB as part of my economic modern family-it has worked reliably for years. Have a wonderful long weekend. Please feel free to comment again anytime!

In this article: IBB
Moby Dick Guns For Sister Semiconductor Mermaid
7 months ago

Hello. Nice to hear from you. Indeed-if Semis give up the gains-already down early AM today, then, the market will have issues-or at least we find the next rotation-thanks for writing!

In this article: SMH
Was Janet Yellen Crowned Market Predator?
1 year ago

Although I've never been much of a conspiracy theorist, I do believe that corporation lobbyists have intentionally fattened, drugged and dumbed down Americans. All while the wealthy continue to ascend.

As far as QE-Bernanke took that helm. Maybe I'm naïve, but I do think Janet Yellen has tried to deal with an impossible scenario the best she can. Meanwhile, the dystopian society you describe-well, I really hope is exaggerated. I hope! Thanks so much for your comments! Best to you.

Bears Could Be A Bust In The Hall Of Shame
1 year ago

Hi there and thanks for writing. Do you know how the book Wizard of Oz ends? The Tinman-or for our purposes the bronze bear-becomes the ruler of the entire land.

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Does A Snowball Have A Chance In Hell?
1 year ago

It has made for a lot of stress emotionally and hesitation financially...welcome to the new order-Uncertainty is the new sure thing.

In this article: IBB, IWM, SPY, XRT
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