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A Market That Gives A Little Less Than It Promised
What is important about today’s market action? Which movers appear short-term versus those that line up with a long-term vision?
Is The Market A False Hologram We’re Trained To See?
Early today, the Dow Jones made another new all-time high. Bullish, right? Technically, yes. Although the Russell 2000 provided a different experience. What are some of the different angles investors perceive?
The Market Tugs On The Reluctant Investors’ Ear
The chance of tax cuts, infrastructure spending, deregulation and growing corporate earnings are the new puppy play. Insidious factors have equal chances to impact the market. But, speculating on those before they happen seems futile.
Market Walks Complacently By A Torn Down Barbed Wire Fence
Last week, the Semiconductors and Nasdaq 100 never recovered from a week ago enormous sell-off. Yet that didn’t stop analysts from recommending that the sell-off presented a buy opportunity.
Rallysaurus On A Diet - And Not The Paleo Kind
The Fed, a huge reason for the strong economy, has been feeding yummy bonds to the Rallysaurus for the last nine years. Then, the meteor hits.
Look Both Ways: Interest Rates, Gold And The Market
Today’s message of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate rise by ¼% also reminds investors to look both ways. The Fed justified the raise by stating the economy is on solid ground.


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Bears Could Be A Bust In The Hall Of Shame
1 month ago

Hi there and thanks for writing. Do you know how the book Wizard of Oz ends? The Tinman-or for our purposes the bronze bear-becomes the ruler of the entire land.

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Does A Snowball Have A Chance In Hell?
4 months ago

It has made for a lot of stress emotionally and hesitation financially...welcome to the new order-Uncertainty is the new sure thing.

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Chinese New Year: What The Rooster Brings To The Markets
5 months ago

As one who has written about the significance of every Chinese Astrological Year and the stock market since the Year of the Horse, I just wanted to tell you how delightful it is to read your take for the Year of the Rooster.

The Multifaceted, Multidimensional Market
6 months ago

Hi there,

I totally agree with you! Market tends to run about 6 months ahead so my thinking is that the first 100 days of Trump's presidency will dictate the next 3 1/2 years. By March-April, everything could change. Thanks for writing! Appreciate the interchange.

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Retailers To Buy Into Earnings
8 months ago

XRT is a great indicator for me and a part of my stock Modern Family. We are watching JC Penney as well.

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A Three-Headed Dog, Not Medusa, Spooks The Market
8 months ago

Thank you Ayelet! I so appreciate your taking the time to respond.

A Three-Headed Dog, Not Medusa, Spooks The Market
8 months ago

I share to be helpful by illustrating through metaphors for fun and writing specific analysis for guidance. If you don't get that-fine-no need to be snippy-

Market Has Bloodshot Eyes
8 months ago

I am totally on the same page! My focus has been on commodities since last November-very little exposure in equities. Although have my favorites. But even so, I like to sit in commodity positions while quicker to take profits and move stops in equity positions. TY again!

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Market Has Bloodshot Eyes
8 months ago

Many commodities have had tremendous moves this year already-besides gold, silver- sugar, cocoa, wood-the diversion there and in the equities market is what strikes me most. Thank you for taking the time to write

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Join Me Tonight 8:30 PM EST For A Free Webinar
9 months ago

Please try again-thanks!

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Michele Schneider
$GDX had a classic opening range reversal just above entry level recommended 22.25
Michele Schneider
Advantage subscribers long CARA-no loss stop now fine with tgt higher

Michele Schneider
Use the 30 minute opening range rule-add a little fudge and 2-3 min time confirm 4 our picks b4 entering

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