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Michael Carr is an American investor, a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and a contributing editor for Winning Investor Daily. He is a longtime member of the Market Technicians Association (MTA), where he serves as the editor of its newsletter, “Technically Speaking.” ... more


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The Latest Inflation Data Is Bullish For Stocks
The latest inflation data finally confirms what every consumer knows: Prices are going up. And now the Bureau of Labor Statistics agrees.
Investors Will Be Rewarded As Markets Rethink Risk
Higher risks mean higher returns. There are millions of examples of this rule. Well, there’s an old saying that there’s an exception to every rule.
Market Breadth Just Flashed A Warning Sign
Breadth indicators measure how many stocks are participating in a price move. They aren’t as popular as momentum indicators, but they are more useful.
This Sell-Off Is Unlike Any In Market History
Stock prices plummeted on Monday. What does the drop in the Dow Jones mean?
This Chart Shows More Good News For Stocks
Since tax reform became law, more than 300 companies increased employee wages or retirement benefits. This is good news, but it scares the Federal Reserve.
There’s A 91.7% Chance Of Big Gains In 2018
Technical analysts closely watch the January Barometer for a read on the rest of the year. There’s a good reason for that.
A Low-Risk Alternative To Bitcoin
You probably know the story of bitcoin. For some, it’s the next great investment. To others, a decline appears imminent. If you believe a decline is near, you might also think there’s no viable way to trade that belief.
This ETF Is A Safe Bet Even When U.S. Stocks Fall
One sector that’s undervalued is emerging markets. And technical analysis shows multiple buy signals.
A New Record For The Stock Market
It’s been more than 19 months since the last 5% dip in the S&P 500 Index. That’s a new record. This is just the sixth time we’ve gone more than a year without a 5% correction.
The Experts Are Wrong: Overbought Means Time To Buy
One of the more popular opinions is that stocks are overbought. The problem is that few experts tell us what overbought means.
Interest Rates Are Still Too Low To Matter
Bond king Jeffrey Gundlach said that if the 10-year yield rises above 2.63%, it could start to hurt equities. On Friday, the rate was at 2.64%.
This Chart Shows How Bullish Tax Reform Is
Tax reform will affect not just taxes but also companies’ earnings. And analysts have been scrambling to increase their earnings estimates.
The S&P 500 Taps This Team To Win The Super Bowl
There’s a reason the Super Bowl indicator works. And since it does work, that means we can even use the stock market to predict the Super Bowl.
This Rare Signal Just Triggered, And It’s Not Good
This is just the seventh time this rare signal has happened since 2002. And it's saying the odds of a market sell-off just increased.
China Shows How To Fight A 21st Century Trade War
Tariffs give a country time to develop a capability or to protect a critical industry. However, China showed there could be a better way to fight a trade war.
Traders Are Betting The Fed Is Wrong
The weekly reports of traders’ positions let us see what the smart money is doing, and right now, the smart money is betting against the Fed.
1 to 16 of 62 Posts
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