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I'm an investment strategist specializing in rules-based equity and ETF investing strategies, with particular emphasis on small-cap equities. I believe the most promising ideas are those that are off the beaten track, far from the glare of day-to-day investment headlines and that these can ... more


Conservative Investors: Step Up!
There’s no shortage of market indicators out there, even sentiment indicators. Most are based, if not on survey or economic bean counting, on price and volume.
Should Conservative Investors Take The Paper Bags Off Their Heads?
There are many ways to measure risk-taking versus avoidance in the market.
Mr. Market Seems Asleep When It Comes To American Axel Post-2016
Axel has been working to diversify its customer base and has accomplished quite a bit due to successful efforts to do more business in Europe and China.
“Small-Cap Value” Is Not Just Value With A Smaller Size Filter
In an ideal market, a higher price (P/E) will be associated with a better company.
HD Supply, Short On Glamor, Long On Growth Potential, Yes On Value
At first glance, buildings-supplies distributor HD doesn’t look like any sort of value stock at all.
CACI International: A Good I.T. Defense Contractor With A Favorably Value Stock
Stocks with low tallies for P/E and other traditional valuation ratios are a dime a dozen.


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Screening To Shield REIT Yield Hogs From The Butcher’s Knife
4 months ago

I don’t do that becasuse I don’t have the expertise to second-guess management. I figure that if the #s are good, management earns the right to be trusted in their judgments. (This is where publicly-owned entitites differ from closely-held companies. There’s a limit to how far we can take the part-owner idea.)

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Marc Gerstein
TheHerd Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s were two separate companies that merged, but wanted to keep both of their brands.
Marc Gerstein
MikeFrancesa I thought I was the only one reminiscing about that while watching Sunday’s sequel
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Robo-Investing: Separating Substance From Sizzle
Robo-Investing is being trumpeted as the next big thing for investors. Is it for real? for me it is. I've been doing successfully for about 20 years

Work Experience

Director of Investment Research
May 2008 - Present (10 years 8 months)

Provides on-line platform enabling investors to follow and invest in quant models, to create their own quant strategies, and research stocks and markets; I do product development, commentary, education and edit Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report (through joint venture between Portfolio123 and Forbes).

Director of Investment Research
Thomson Reuters
February 1999 - May 2008 (9 years 5 months)

Participated in development and management of investment web sites and stock screening tools; published web articles

Co. was Market Guide 1999-2000; Multex 2000-03; Reuters 2003-08; Thomson Reuters 2008-

Assistant Research Director
Value Line
December 1980 - February 1999 (18 years 6 months)

Securities Analyst, Portfolio Manager  (Junk Bond) in mid-1980s, Editor, Assistant Research Director


Brooklyn Law School
NYU Stern School of Business


The Value Connection
Marc Gerstein

A screening-based value strategy and a market-implied valuation approach to assessing valuations of individual stocks.

Screening the Marekt
Marc Gerstein

An Accessible and Systematic Stock Screening Method to Improve Profits. Turns the chancy art of picking stocks into a screen-based science. Next time someone tells you to do your stock market homework, tell them you read this book. Step 1: Find stocks worthy of consideration, Step 2: Analyze stocks that come to your attention; Step 3: Buy the ones that most match your criteria, and Step 4: Sell the ones that meet your sell rules.