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Over 35 years experience working in oil and gas accounting with privately held oil and gas producing companies. Also have a blog that covers monetary system issues and the potential for major future monetary system change. (  - email: ... more


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Dr. Warren Coats - My Political Platform For 2017
In a recent article, Dr. Coats lays out his vision for a political platform for 2017. I thought it had sevral interesting ideas and his section on monetary policy of course directly ties in to what we cover here.
IMF To Study SDR Denominated Assets That Could Be "Held By Any Parties"
The IMF releases a report saying they plan to study an expanded role for the SDR
Robert Pringle - Kissinger Calls For US To Save The Global Order
Robert Pringle calls on world leaders to listen to Henry Kissinger
Monetary System Reform - Various Ideas Exist
My research over the past couple of years has turned up a variety of ideas to reform the global monetary system. Here are a few examples.
Warren Coats (former IMF) And Robert Pringle (former Group Of 30) Offer Thoughts On The Brexit Vote
Two distinguished veterans with decades of experience inside the global monetary system offer their thoughts about the recent Brexit vote.
The Biggest Issue In The Presidential Election No One Is Talking About
Despite the fact that on one is talking about it, the next US President may very well have to face the next new major financial crisis. Since no one is asking the candidates how they would deal with one, we really have no idea what they would do.
IMF Officials Discuss Future Potential For The SDR
Current IMF Official Dr. Thomas Krueger and former head of the SDR Division at the IMF Dr. Warren Coats discuss the potential for the SDR to replace the US dollar as world reserve currency in the future
1 to 7 of 7 Posts