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Over 35 years experience working in oil and gas accounting with privately held oil and gas producing companies. Also have a blog that covers monetary system issues and the potential for major future monetary system change. (http://lonestarwhitehouse.blogspot.com/)  - email: ... more


Regarding BIS Guidance For Stress Testing OTC Derivatives
Because these speculative OTC derivative contracts can lead to a situation where a major so called "too big to fail" entity gets in trouble, monetary authorities like the BIS have recognized the potential systemic risk.
IMF 2016 Financial Stability Report Warns Banks To Adapt To "New Era"
Alongside their October annual meeting, the IMF has released its 2016 Global Financial Stability Report. This year the report includes a number of warnings and is somewhat pessimistic that global growth will improve anytime soon.
A Review Of Jim Rickards' Two-Part Article On Global Inflation And Gold Revaluation
This article reviews a recent two part article by author and analyst Jim Rickards in which he talks in depth about plans for global inflation and possible gold revaluation.
IMF Officials Discuss Future Potential For The SDR As A Global Reserve Currency
Current IMF official Dr. Thomas Kruger and the former head of the SDR Division at the IMF (Dr. Warren Coats) talk about the future potential for the SDR to replace the US dollar as the leading global reserve currency.




Larry White
Robert Pringle asks: Do Central Banks rely too much on Economists? -- https://t.co/AwRzDFjLej
Larry White
News notes: BullionCoin Launches, but ABX Severs ties with it: https://t.co/tbbRIKFF1u
Larry White
Jim Rickards latest analysis on North Korea: https://t.co/kLiVFY25YG
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Singapore Testing A Digital Singapore Dollar
Where will the first central bank digital currency in the world show up? Singapore seems like at least one candidate.
Despite Negative Sentiment Some See Signs Of Coming Rally In Gold
A review of some analysts who see the potential for a coming rally in gold and detailed timeline of the comments from Andrew Maguire in 2017 related to his forecast that we will see a "reset" in the gold price due to a major event that will spur unexpected demand for physical gold.
IMF Says US Dollar Overvalued & Jim Rickards Incredibly Accurate 2017 Prediction On The Dollar
The IMF says the US Dollar is overvalued by 10 to 20 per cent which fits right in with the incredible forecast Jim Rickards sent me by email in March 2017 on the dollar.
Dr. Warren Coats - My Political Platform For 2017
In a recent article, Dr. Coats lays out his vision for a political platform for 2017. I thought it had sevral interesting ideas and his section on monetary policy of course directly ties in to what we cover here.
IMF To Study SDR Denominated Assets That Could Be "Held By Any Parties"
The IMF releases a report saying they plan to study an expanded role for the SDR
Robert Pringle - Kissinger Calls For US To Save The Global Order
Robert Pringle calls on world leaders to listen to Henry Kissinger
Monetary System Reform - Various Ideas Exist
My research over the past couple of years has turned up a variety of ideas to reform the global monetary system. Here are a few examples.
Warren Coats (former IMF) And Robert Pringle (former Group Of 30) Offer Thoughts On The Brexit Vote
Two distinguished veterans with decades of experience inside the global monetary system offer their thoughts about the recent Brexit vote.

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