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Litecoin Joins Crypto-Mania Reaching New Highs
Litecoin finally showed its true colors and joined the Bitcoin mania to reach for crazy new highs this week.
UBS To Launch Live Ethereum Platform While Fake MyEtherWallet Hits Apple's App Store
UBS and some of the largest banks in the world have revealed a pilot designed to simplify compliance using Ethereum.
Bitcoin Launches On CBOE, Next Week On CME
The Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) started trading on Sunday, December 10th. Next week, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will start trading.
Bitcoin Reaches All-Time High Of $9,600; EUR Crosses Enjoy Gains
Bitcoin surpassed the $9,000 level to reach an all-time high of $9,600 on the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale surge in the US.
Cheesecake Factory Analysis – Satisfying Your (Profit) Hunger
Cheesecake Factory possesses an important reputation in the market and definitely clients exit happy from Cheesecake Factory restaurants when they visit them. Now, can the restaurant chain also satisfy your profit hunger?
Veritone Stock Analysis – Should You Join The AI Wave?
VERI is a recent IPO stock, with the potential to rise. Its industry signals growth. It could be a great choice for people with medium-high capital available, and for people seeking risk and, ultimately, profits.


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#Litecoin Joins Crypto-Mania Reaching New Highs $LTC.X more
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YELP – Can Foodies Bring You Fortune?
YELP Stock Analysis - Do you eat? Of course you do! Chances are you've used Yelp for food, but can it bring you a fortune?
USD/CHF Tests Key Support Below Ichimoku
With USD's rollercoaster ride on Tuesday, USDCHF tests key support below Ichimoku cloud on the daily chart. Now we have US Q2 GDP coming up on Wednesday with more geopolitical tensions to follow.
GBP/USD Trading Opportunity Ahead Of UK GDP And Jackson Hole Summit
With the UK GDP release coming up, I shared a GBP USD medium term trading opportunity with our Investing Group Members. Here is the detailed analysis
GBP/JPY Could Rally Before Long-Term Losses
We're looking at an apparent GBP JPY long term bearish engulfing development which could be impacted by this week's top tier data out of the UK. Let's take a look at this naughty pair from fundamental, technical, and market sentiment points of view.
A Holistic Tesla Analysis - Fundamentals, Technicals And Market Sentiment
Tesla is more than just a car manufacturer. Under Elon Musk's leadership, Tesla is transforming into a comprehensive energy solution provider. However, as an investor, we should consider the actual market value of the futuristic company rather than
USD/JPY Signals A Bullish Confirmation On Daily Chart
Following up my last week's IDDA analysis, the USD/JPY Ichimoku cloud confirmation finally showed its pretty face on the daily time frame! Here is an IDDA analysis just for you.
My Long-Term USD/CAD Story
Last time I wrote about USDCAD was when it was testing the key 1.35 level. It has since broken and confirmed above this level. Today I'd like to tell you my long-term USD/CAD story. Then I'll jump into the IDDA including the Ichimoku analysis.
Risk Management Basics For Traders & Investors
If you have thought of trading or investing, the first thing in your mind must be online risk management, which is the process of understanding your risk tolerance, types of online risks you could be exposed to, and measuring risk versus return.

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Tokyo University of Electro-Communications
Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering/ Radar Signal Analysis
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Researched on: “Independent Component Analysis, and Degradation Caused by Observation Noise in ICA.” Presented the research results on SICE Annual Conference in 2008 (The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers). Became the first student to present the results of a research in the international faculty conference. Course studied in Japanese language. GPA 3.7
Gunma National College of Technology
Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Electrical Engineering/ Quantum Physics
2003 / 2007
International Japanese Language School
2003 / 2004


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