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EUR GBP Short Term Trading Analysis
Despite major catalysts and market moving events in the past week, the majority of the major currency pairs appear to be in the middle of a summer consolidation.
NZD/USD Profit Targets Reached – What’s Next?
The NZD/USD pair hit a key resistance of 0.7319 on Wednesday on the volatility cause by Fed rate decision. However the sentiment quickly changed upon Thursday Sydney market open, as New Zealand GDP came out.
GBP/JPY Forecast This Week – UK Economic Data Coming Up
GBP/JPY remains below the monthly Ichimoku cloud, and appears to be in the process of forming a double top chart pattern, with the tops laying on 144.33.
NZD/USD Forecast Medium Term – RBNZ On FSR
NZDUSD pair remains below the monthly Ichimoku cloud, and appears to be testing the neckline of a long-term Double Top chart pattern.
NZD USD Bottomed Out At 50% Fibonacci For 5th Time In 2017
Now the question is if this is the continuation of the long-term range, or the beginning of a new uptrend.
Is It Time To Go Long EUR/GBP?
During Monday's Sydney session, we noticed a second EUR/GBP Ichimoku signal confirmation on the daily time frame. Is this good enough to develop a trading strategy around it?


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Kiana Danial
We are expecting high volatility in the #EUR, #GBP, and more
Kiana Danial
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Kiana Danial
$GBPJPY reached our sell limit order over night and then pulled back as predicted. Get our $GBPJPY reached our sell limit order over night and then pulled back as predicted. Get our #forex signals:… less
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Tesla is more than just a car manufacturer. Under Elon Musk's leadership, Tesla is transforming into a comprehensive energy solution provider. However, as an investor, we should consider the actual market value of the futuristic company rather than
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My Long-Term USD/CAD Story
Last time I wrote about USDCAD was when it was testing the key 1.35 level. It has since broken and confirmed above this level. Today I'd like to tell you my long-term USD/CAD story. Then I'll jump into the IDDA including the Ichimoku analysis.
Risk Management Basics For Traders & Investors
If you have thought of trading or investing, the first thing in your mind must be online risk management, which is the process of understanding your risk tolerance, types of online risks you could be exposed to, and measuring risk versus return.
USD/CAD Ichimoku Breakout - Trading Strategy
Oh no it didn't! Trump said the word and the USDCAD Ichimoku breakout just happened in front of our eyes. Combining this with Canada's economy, NFP report and technical analysis, it sure is time for yet another IDDA approach to develop a strategy.
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What are different investments types? Here is a quick guide to different types of investment that can help you reach your financial goals.
NZDUSD Drops After RBNZ Rate Decision - IDDA Outlook
RBNZ kept rates unchanged at 1.75% as expected, and the NZD sentiment quickly changed with the NZDUSD bearish sentiment continuing beginning of Asian session. Here is a quick IDDA approach to see if we can make some pips off NZDUSD.

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