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JustForex is a foreign exchange trading company based in Belize. It is a brand of IPCTrade Inc and it provides retail foreign exchange services. 


The FOMC Protocols Hit The Dollar
During yesterday's trading, the US dollar sharply weakened against the basket of world currencies.
The US Dollar Has Slightly Weakened
The dollar index closed in the negative zone. Investors are waiting for the publication of the FOMC protocols. In the market of "black gold" bullish sentiments prevail.
The US Dollar Has Recouped Some Of The Losses
The dollar index closed in the positive zone. The euro remains under pressure. The oil quotes show a positive trend. We are waiting for statistics from the USA.
The US Dollar Recovered Some Of The Losses; Demand Remains
Demand for the US currency has been resumed. The attention is focused on statistics from the UK, the Eurozone and the United States. Prices for "black gold" have stabilized.
The US Dollar Collapsed. Volatility Has Grown Significantly
The US dollar weakened sharply relative to the major currencies. Trading activity has grown significantly. We expect economic reports from the UK and the United States.
Expect A High Trading Activity
The dollar index keeps the current levels. We are waiting for the publication of important economic reports and speeches of the chairmen of the leading Central Banks.


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